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These are the 5 Strongest Midlaner Heroes in Mobile Legends

Midlaner is one of the most important positions in the Mobile Legends game. As the name implies, Midlaner is a hero in charge of guarding the middle lane. One of the suitable roles to fill the Midlaner position is usually Mage heroes.

In addition to the Mage hero , it turns out that there are several other heroes who are suitable to be used as a Midlaner. Want to know what are the strongest Midlaner heroes in Mobile Legends? Read this article to the end!

Recommendations for the Strongest Midlaner Hero in Mobile Legends

To have the following heroes, make sure you've done a Mobile Legends diamond top up . Because to have these heroes you are required to exchange a number of Battle Points or Diamond Mobile Legends.

1. Julian

One of the new Fighter heroes who has great abilities and can be relied on to fill the Midlaner position is Julian. Julian has great skills with a fairly short cooldown.

With this ability, Julian can easily dominate in the Mid area and rotate quickly to help other teammates.

2. Cecilion

The next strongest Midlaner Hero is Cecilion. The sickest Mage Hero in this Late Game has sick damage and very great skills.

Cecilion has a passive skill that allows him to collect Stack and increase the damage from his skills. With the support of the right Cecilion build , this hero can be a very scary opponent.

3. Kagura

Besides Cecilion, Kagura is another Mage hero that you can do to play in the Mid Lane position. Kagura's great ability, and strong durability make this hero a threat to the opponent's Mid Lane hero.

Especially since getting a revamp, Kagura is able to give high Burst Damage to opponents with his skills. Supported by the right combination of Kagura's builds , the damage produced by Kagura will be even more deadly.

4. Xavier

The next strongest Midlaner hero recommendation is Xavier. This Mage Hero with a long skill range does have sick damage and deadly skills.

Moreover, Xavier's passive skill is able to increase the damage generated by his skills. That way, it will be easy for you to finish off your opponent.

5. Yve

Yve is the next strongest Midlaner hero that you can rely on to fill that position. Yve himself is known for his ability to slow down opponents.

Yve also has the Real World Manipulation skill that can hinder the opponent's movement. By using Yve it will be easy for you and your team to win a war or team fight.

Well, those are some of the strongest Midlaner heroes that you can rely on in the Mobile Legends game. Do you think there is your favorite hero or not?

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