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How to Hide History Mobile Legends Latest 2022

How to Hide History Mobile Legends (ML) is currently so much sought after by Mobile Legends players. History of Mobile Legends is a history of our battle or play in Mobile Legends. Sometimes, there are some people who want their ML history to be hidden.

The reason some players hide their playing battle history is that they are embarrassed if the battle history is mostly losetreaks. So, if other people find out, they will definitely become the target of bullying. So, therefore, they really want the battle history to be hidden.

Now, Moonton itself has provided a feature to be able to hide our Mobile Legends battle history. we on this occasion will discuss how to hide the latest Mobile Legends battle history. Curious about how? Come on, see the full review below.

How to Hide History Mobile Legends (ML) 2022

Time required:  5 minutes.

Below we have provided the steps that must be taken to hide the history of Mobile Legends.

Open Mobile Legends

First, please open and log in to your respective Mobile Legends account. Keep in mind, that you don't need to use Advance Server. All of these methods are full using the original account. how to hide history ml mobile legends

Go to Settings

Open the Settings menu or Settings in the upper right corner of the lobby menu. how to hide history ml mobile legends

Click Privacy

After entering the Settings menu, select the Privacy tab under itself. In this Privacy tab, you can shift the Hide History feature to be active as shown below. How hide ML history is very important to do. Whatsapp Image 2022 04 06 At 08.08.50


Now your history or match history has been hidden and can no longer be seen by other players if you are on a losing streak.Ezgif 3 0c967b818f

Well, that's the way to hide the latest Mobile Legends (ML) history in 2022. This feature only existed after the update launched by Moonton in March 2022 ago. In addition to the hide history feature, there are several other privacy features that you can try, including:

  • Ignore the invitation
  • Reject apprentice's request
  • Just chat with friends
  • Reject Mentor's request
  • Hide close friends

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