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These are 5 Comeback Tips in Mobile Legends 2022

In the game, there are times when we experience defeat whether it's in terms of kills, gold, or towers that are detrimental. But even so, that doesn't mean we can't win while in this position.

There are several things that you must pay attention to and learn in order to make an epic comeback in the game. Well, in this article, we will discuss some comeback tips in Mobile Legends that you can apply in the game.

Tips Epic Comeback di Mobile Legends

1. Strict and Strong Defending

The first tip so that you can make an epic comeback is to defend as tight and as strong as possible.

Playing it safe is the right move when you are behind. You and your team can play in the turret while farming and waiting for the right timing to restore the situation.

2. Kill Offside Opponents

When in a state of victory, usually the enemy will rush to immediately end the game. Well, you can take advantage of the condition of the opponent's carelessness to make an epic comeback.

You can rely on tank heroes or other initiator heroes who can kidnap opponents one by one. But remember! Avoid fighting if you feel your team can't win it.

3. Don't Force Contest Lord

In a state of being left behind or under pressure, it is better not to force a Lord contest except for Lords at 18 minutes and above who are already full of attributes.

Because if you and your team insist, you might die in vain because you lost an item. Therefore, it's a good idea to wait until the items needed are finished, then you can do a Lord contest if needed.

4. Always be compact and don't be a blunder

Teamwork is the main key to victory. When in a state of defeat, then you must be compact with your teammates to maintain the turret base.

And don't make a blunder, because if you make a blunder, it will be difficult for you and your team to withstand enemy attacks and make a comeback.

5. Split Push

Split push is indeed one of the best alternatives when you and your team are left behind, but this method is quite risky because if you do it wrong, you might be ganged up by your opponent.

You also need the best and fastest push turret hero to be able to do split push effectively. If you don't have the best heroes in Mobile Legends, you can top up Mobile Legends diamonds to buy them.

Well, those are some comeback tips in Mobile Legends that you can apply in the game.

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