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So Weak! These are 5 Hero Counter Tigreal Mobile Legends

One of the strongest Tank heroes in Mobile Legends is Tigreal. Tigreal is equipped with very great skills and can be relied on when there is a war or team fight. With that ability, it's not surprising that many players use Tigreal.

Well, if you are dealing with Tigreal, you can use the following recommendations for Tigreal's hero counters to limit their movement.

Recommended Counter Tigreal Mobile Legends

To have the following heroes, make sure you've done the Mobile Legends diamond top-up.

Because to have these heroes, you have to exchange a number of Battle Points or Diamonds.

1. Khufra

The first recommendation for Tigreal's hero counter is Khufra. Khufra has a skill called Bouncing Ball (Skill 2) which can cancel Tigreal's Sacred Hammer (Skill 2) skill.

With Khufra, it will be difficult for Tigreal to initiate the attack. Especially if you use a strong Khufra build, it will be difficult for your opponent to drop Khufra.

2. Select

This Mage Hero does have a great and strong ability to overcome Tigreal's hero.

Valir's Burst Fireball (Skill 1) and Searing Torrent (Skill 2) skills can be relied on to block and cancel Tigreal's movement. With Valir, Tigreal would think twice before making an attack.

3. Chou

Chou is the next best hero recommendation that you can rely on in the game. This Hero Fighter is indeed known as one of the best anti-Crowd Control heroes in Mobile Legends.

The combination of skills Jeet Kune Do (Skill 1), Shunpo (Skill 2), and Chou's The Way of the Dragon (Skill 3) can cancel Tigreal's skill combination.

4. Luo Yi

Luo Yi is the next hero recommendation that you can rely on to counter Tigreal Mobile Legends.

You can use Luo Yi's Dispersion and Rotation combination to stop Tigreal's movement.

5. Jawhead

Jawhead is the next best hero recommendation that you can rely on for the Tigreal Mobile Legends counter.

Although it has a Crowd Control effect, Tigreal is also vulnerable to Crowd Control effects. Well, you can rely on Jawhead to thwart all of Tigreal's Crowd Control skills.

Those are some of the best Tigreal counter hero recommendations that you can rely on in the game.

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