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Skin Fragment Shop Mobile Legends July 2022

Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest very cool updates for you to try. Including the Skin Fragment Shop Mobile Legends (ML) July 2022, it is indeed something that is so cool. Because indeed with the presence of the Skin Fragment Exchange, we can have the old skin that we missed again.

Mobile Legends players have indeed gotten a lot of very cool new events for us to try. Even the mission itself is fast for players to complete, even though they have to finish the match and be patient with friends to win.

The emergence of a Collaboration Mobile Legends x Star Wars Part 3, will be a very cool event for you to try now. Released a Collaboration Skin with the same theme, but there is something new with the appearance of Kimmy with a collaboration skin that you can get later.

Skin Fragment Shop Mobile Legends July 2022

Then see the contents of the Skin Fragment Shop Mobile Legends (ML) July 2022, prepare the Skin Fragment to immediately exchange this Skin later. Some of the new Skins that will be present during the July 2022 period now, will provide very cool effects and coloring for you to exchange.

Present on June 28, 2022, Skin Fragment Shop Mobile Legends July 2022 is available for a period of 1 month. Appears during the Update Patch Note Rise of Necrokeep, of course, this makes the skin even cooler for you to use right now.

Even from the new patch update, it also turns out to provide changes to the Premium Shop too, it's really rare. From here it will change the appearance of the previous Mobile Legends Hero Skin to a new one, those of you who missed it can exchange it immediately.

But those of you who really want to get one of these Rare Skins too must be able to collect a lot of Fragments. I suggest using Esports to use How to Get Rare Skin Fragments so that later you can get a Bundle like this right now with a decent price for you to try.

Here are the changes to the Skin Fragment Shop that was present for July 2022 appearing in the game now:


Premium Skin:

Kaja – Crow Magician (Season 20)

Rare Skin:

Tuesday – Searing Mouth (Starlight)

Alice – Steam Glider (Starlight)

Hanabi – Fiery Moth (Starlight)

Karrie – Rising Star (Normal)

Minsitthar – Gilded King (Elite)


Premium Skin:

Rafaela – Fertility Goddess (Elite)

Rare Skin:

Angela – Shanghai Maiden (Starlight)

Gusion – Cyber Ops (Starlight)

Fanny – Royal Cavalry (Starlight)

Gatotkaca – Mighty Guardian (Normal)

Hylos – Abyssal Shaman (Elite)

The presence of Skin changes that are present in the Fragment Shop now is really cool, it will make you have the old Skins that have appeared. Because with this new exchange, there will definitely be a good chance for the player if you want to have a gift like that.

Make sure you have enough total Fragments before exchanging one of these gifts. Some of the skin prizes are from the Starlight Mobile Legends Skin List right now, so you can use them right away.

Of course, with the presence of items like this now, we will give gifts that we can try right now. That way you have to follow the exchange and we can use it better.

After knowing the Skin Fragment Shop Mobile Legends (ML) in July 2022, you can immediately use it very easily. Moreover, you can just try it right away, so that we immediately have a gift like that right now.

Then the appearance of a Mobile Legends Skin Collector, turns out to have a lot of new things that we can indeed find right now. Various good things that we can have now, will definitely be a collection that you can see first.

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