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Recommended Counter Terizla Mobile Legends 2022

One of the strongest Fighter heroes in Mobile Legends right now is Terizla. This hero has deadly damage and very strong durability.

Because of that ability, this one hero is very difficult to beat. So, to overcome Terizla, we would like to recommend the best hero to counter Terizla Mobile Legends.

Recommended Counter Terizla Mobile Legends

1. Thamuz

Thamuz is the first hero recommendation you can rely on when dealing with Terizla. As one of the strongest offlaner heroes, Thamuz is equipped with very great abilities.

In addition to his high mobility and Attack Speed, Thamuz has very high durability. He could easily deal with Terizla.

2. Esmeralda

Besides Thamuz, Esmeralda is another reliable hero to counter Terizla Mobile Legends. This Hero Mage is indeed different from other Mage because Esmeralda herself has very strong durability.

Thanks to his passive skill, he can absorb the existing Shield on the opponent and then convert it into his HP. That way, it would be difficult for Terizla to defeat Esmeralda.

3. Bruno

One of the best Marksman heroes you can count on to counter Terizla in the game is Bruno. As we know, Bruno has high damage and very high attack speed.

Especially when he has entered the late game, Terizla will be more difficult when dealing with Bruno.

If you don't have this hero yet, you can top up the Mobile Legends diamond first. Because to get this hero you need to exchange a number of diamonds or Battle Points.

4. Chou

Chou is the next Terizla counter hero that you can rely on in the game. This Hero Fighter is equipped with strong Crowd Control skills and can be used to limit Terizla's movements.

Moreover, Chou also has an anti-Crowd Control ability that allows him to avoid all Crowd Control effects given by Terizla.

5. Franco

Another hero you can count on to counter Terizla Mobile Legends is Franco. Franco's Iron Hook and Bloody Hunt skills can limit Terizla's movements easily.

Moreover, as one of the strongest Tank heroes in Mobile Legends, it has become Franco's duty to protect team members from Terizla's attacks.

Those are some of the best heroes you can count on to counter Terizla Mobile Legends. Do you think there is your favorite hero or not?

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