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Project Drift 2.0 Mod APK Unlimited Money 2022

Project Drift 2.0 Mod APK is currently being sought after by loyal Android gamers. The reason is, that this one racing game offers quite interesting gameplay for the players. Not only that, but the graphics of this game also look cool with various visual animations.

This car racing game is a racing game that can be played online. Very suitable to fill your spare time. The racing game genre will be very adrenaline-pumping because we will compete with speed to become the winner.

Well, in this discussion, we will share with all of you the Project Drift Moto 2.0 game. Curious about the game? It's best if you read this discussion to the end.

What is Project Drift Moto 2.0 Mod APK?

Based on the name, of course, we can already guess that the Project Drift 2.0 game is a car racing game. The word 'Drift' in the name of the game is closely related to car racing.

Drift itself is defined as the driving ability of a racer when he is in a fairly sharp turn. So, in this game, you will drive a lot at every turn that you will pass.

As a 3D car racing game, Project Drift has quite realistic visual effects. Of course, this will add to our gaming experience to be more enjoyable. In addition, we can also modify the car according to our wishes in this game.

Well, what we share here is a mod version of the game Project Drift 2.0. In this mod version, a lot of additional features are provided. One of them is Unlimited Money which gives players unlimited money.

Fitur Project Drift 2.0 Mod APK

As a game mod, of course, there are some additional features that we can't get in the original version. Below are some additional features that you should know about Project Drift 2.0 Mod.

1. Unlock All Cars

The first feature of this game is Unlock All Cars or unlock all cars. Cars are an important element in this game. With this feature, you can use all the cars you want.

2. Unlimited Money

Next, the main feature of this game is Unlimited Money or unlimited money. At the beginning of the game, you will immediately get a lot of money without having to collect it first. So you can easily upgrade your car.

3. Unlimited Gold

Gold is used to make premium upgrades or buy Super Cars which are quite expensive. If you play the original game, you need to spend money if you want to have Gold. However, in Project Drift 2.0 Mod APK, you will get a lot of free Gold in large quantities.

4. No Ads

Usually, some offline games will have ads in them. And of course, it is very disturbing for some people. The modders have blocked all ads in this game.

5. All Items Unlock

Many items are needed to upgrade, be it engines, wheels, engines, and various other car parts. However, to perform these upgrades, we need to first unlock each of these items. However, if you use this mod version of Project Drift 2.0, all the items needed will be unlocked from the start of the game.

Download Project Drift 2.0 Mod APK

For those of you who are curious and want to immediately try this game. You don't need to be confused about the download link. In this discussion, we have prepared a download link for those of you who want to play this game. Below is a download link that you can use.

Before you proceed to install it, we will provide complete details of this Project Drift game. Because to make sure the device you have is in accordance with the specifications of this game.

Detail Description

Name Project Drift 2.0

Version 15

Developer Bycodec Games

Size 91 MB

OS Android 5.1 and above

How to Install

Game Mode is a game that has modified features in it. So, there is a special way to be able to install game mods. In addition, game mods are also included in the ranks of third-party applications because they come from outside the Play Store.

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