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5 Tips for Using Cyclops Mobile Legends ala Pro Player

One of the best Mage heroes in Mobile Legends is Cyclops. Cyclops has great abilities and is very reliable during war or team fights.

Even so, there are still many players who don't know the potential of this Mage hero . Well, for those of you who want to learn about the Cyclops hero, here are we that summarizes some tips for using Cyclops Mobile Legends that you can apply in the game.

Tips for being good at using Cyclops Hero Mobile Legends

If you don't have a Cyclops hero, then you can get it by exchanging a number of Battle Points or Diamonds. So, make sure you've done the Mobile Legends diamond top up .

1. Understand Cylops' Skills

The first tip for those of you who want to use the Cyclops hero is to understand the skills possessed by this hero. Well, here is an explanation of the skills possessed by Cyclops.

Starlit Hourglass (Passive Skill): Every time Cyclops hits an opponent with his Skill, all of his Skill Cooldowns will be reduced for 0.5 seconds.

Stardust Shock (Skill 1): Cyclops emits two Shock Waves from Stardust forward, each Shock Wave deals Magic Damage to enemies.

Planets Attack (Skill 2): ​​Cyclops uses the Power of Star to create a Starlit Sphere that revolves around him and increases 30% of his Movement Speed ​​within 2 seconds. Starlit Sphere will attack nearby enemy heroes first, dealing Magic Damage to them. (Damage dealt to the same target will be reduced.)

Star Power Lockdown (Skill 3): Cyclops creates a Gigantic Magic Sphere filled with Planetary Power to capture enemy Heroes or Creeps, dealing Magic Damage upon hitting enemies and immobilizing them for 1-2 seconds (scales with distance traveled).

2. Spam Skill Planets Attack

The next tip for those of you who want to use Cyclops is to spam the Planets Attack skill (Skill 2).

This skill does have a fairly short cooldown and very painful damage. Therefore, you can spam using this skill.

3. Keep Your Distance When Attacking

The next tip so that you can maximize the use of Cyclops is to keep your distance when attacking your opponent. As a Mage hero , of course Cyclops will be the target of opposing heroes, especially the opponent's Assassin heroes .

Well, by keeping your distance when attacking, of course you can avoid the damage given by the opponent. You can take cover behind your Tank hero or Support hero .

4. Lock the Opponent's Core Movement

Cyclops' Star Power Lockdown (Skill 3) skill allows him to create a Gigantic Magic Sphere that can capture enemy heroes. Well, you can use this skill to catch the opponent's core hero .

This skill is also very useful when there is a war or team fight. Because by using this Star Power Lockdown skill, opposing heroes who are trying to advance will definitely think twice.

5. Use the Right Build

The last tip so that you can maximize the abilities of the Cyclops is to use the right Cyclops build item.

The use of the Cyclops build itself is very influential on the damage that will be generated by this one Mage hero. So make sure you use the right build item!

Well, those are some tips for using Cyclops Mobile Legends that you can apply in the game.

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