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Mystery Crate Free Fire Event in July 2022

Free Fire has released a lot of great things that you will enjoy right now. Even the appearance of the Mystery Crate Free Fire (FF) Event in July 2022, those of you who have never seen it should know first. Because from here there are some good opportunities, so you can immediately have a lot of prizes but pay.

There are always many events that keep appearing in the Free Fire game, challenging missions that you really have to complete right now. Because it releases various update events with so many missions, it will definitely make you even more excited to play and have every prize.

Moreover, for the presence of the 2022 Booyah Adha Event Schedule, Free Fire players just need to see the mission right now. As a pretty cool new gift for us to use when competing, as well as being an addition to the collection which is certainly quite a lot with even rare items.

Then the presence of a Mystery Crate Free Fire (FF) Event in July 2022, you have to know something that comes from here. Because this event has a pretty fun game system, you can even try it right away if you really want to do it.

Event Mystery Crate Free Fire July 2022

Mystery Crate is the newest paid event coming in July 2022 for you to try now. In this event, there is a Mystery Crate that will open, if you yourself have determined what percentage of the prize you will get the main prize and use Diamond to do it.

Now, if what appears in July, it turns out that the prize is in the form of a Bundle of Lord Baroque Free Fire that looks like a sultan. If you really want to have it, it means that you have to understand what the event is like so that later it won't be too difficult to play it.

So players must prepare Diamonds first because this event will use DM as the main condition. Then after you have entered this event, you can increase the percentage of the chance to get the main prize.

There are 5 main prizes that are present at this event, of which the middle one is the newest. You can increase the chance from 1% to 100%, in order to get 1 of 5 new prizes available in this Event.

The percentage of this Free Fire Mystery Crate Event affects Diamond, yes, so smaller is cheaper and bigger is expensive. If the lowest price is 6 Dm by 1%, then the highest is 600 Dm for a 100% chance to get it.

As for my Esports advice, if you play this event later, try to use only 50% or higher than that. The problem is that if it's already 50%, the main prize does have a very large chance of getting it and the price is 300 Dm only once opened.

For this grand prize now, players can wait for it during the month of July, and maybe there will be more. A very exciting event to receive a bundle, other than only through the Luck Royale Free Fire feature.

If you already understand this new Event system, just play it and you can have various prizes at the event. We can accept a lot of things, as well as some other new things that must be really cool.

After knowing the Mystery Crate Free Fire (FF) Event in July 2022, you can just watch it now for that. Playing Events that are very exciting and have various prizes, we can immediately have every item available from here.

Then the Hockey Tips for Opening Crate Free Fire appear so that the chances of your prize getting this prize will be even greater. It will really help the existing game so that it is easier for you to deal with enemies like this.

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