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5 Ways to Get FFPL IV Free Fire Avatars July 2022

Free Fire has released a lot of the latest updates which are very good for you to try right now. Even with the presence of How to Get FFPL IV Free Fire (FF) Avatars, you can just try it right away if you want the prize. In addition to receiving an Avatar, but receiving a bonus in the form of a Royale Ticket which has a fairly large total.

Especially if you are diligent in dealing with every Free Fire Mission, you will receive a variety of cool prizes that are quite good. The problem is that the emergence of this new event is also quite a lot and players can collect it too. If you complete the mission now, you will definitely receive a better variety of prizes.

Due to the presence of the Booyah Adha 2022 Free Fire Event Schedule, players receive another challenging mission from here. If you complete the mission right now, we will definitely accept that there will be many after you try it yourself.

The problem is that with How to Get FFPL IV Free Fire (FF) Avatars, it turns out that it will make your account have a very cool picture. This Avatar prize is indeed special and the mission is also very easy, I will give you another prize which is a Free Spin Ticket.

How to Get FFPL IV Free Fire (FF) Avatars

Login Free Fire Dulu

We have to login to Free Fire first, so we can find the Mission that gives the FFPL IV Avatar a gift. The appearance of a gift like this is really easy, but it will only be available from 4 – 11 July 2022 which will come.

Select the Event Tab and look for the Booyah Mission

Then you can immediately choose the Event Tab right now, so you can find this Booyah Mission now. Understand what tasks players have to do, so that they can get the Avatar gift easily.

Reach 5 Booyah Times to Get FFPL IV Free Fire Avatars

Actually, you only need to achieve Booyah once, so you can get the existing FFPL IV Avatar. However, I suggest reaching Esports up to 5 Booyah, because we can get 3 Diamond Tickets and 2 Incubator Royale prizes from here.

Do it in Clash Squad Mode

Then my Esports advice is to do it in Clash Squad Mode only, this is for those who want to finish the Mode quickly. The problem is that it won't take 10 minutes to get Booyah, as long as you play it right.

Prize Will Enter Vault Profile section

If you have received this gift, check immediately into the Vault because it is included in this section. Then just press the Profile Category available on the feature, so you can also use the new Avatar.

The presence of a gift like this with a fairly easy mission, of course, will be something we can try. Because the FFPL IV Avatar itself shows the Tournament of this game, but not the Indonesian Server because our Server already has its own Tournament, right.

Especially for the presence of How to Get the Desert Free Fire Heatbound Bundle, it's still part of the same event theme right now. If you complete the Requirements Mission for such a reward, then you can immediately get a much more grand prize right now.

After knowing How to Get FFPL IV Free Fire (FF) Avatars, those of you who are curious can play and even reach Booyah. Because this new event has given quite a lot of prizes, even quite new and very suitable for you to collect too.

Then collect the Free Royale Tickets for the 2022 Free Fire Booyah Adha Event, because there are a total of 28 tickets that we can get. In this way, apart from the prizes from the Event, you can collect everything that appears in Royale.

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