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List of Hero Combo Thamuz Mobile Legends 2022

This is Thamuz's combo hero in Mobile Legends. Thamuz is one of the fighter heroes who have strong durability and offensive abilities, this hero is often played as a hero offlaner in Mobile Legends.

As a fighter hero, you definitely need the best combo hero for him, this will provide assistance ranging from damage attacks, CC, and a combination of skills that help each other in attacking your opponent.

Therefore, in the following, we will provide information about the best Thamuz combo hero that you can use in the Mobile Legends game. Please see the following review, yes!

Hero Combo Thamuz Mobile Legends

Here's a look at the Thamuz combo hero recommendations in Mobile Legends.


The first Thamuz hero combo is Angela, who is one of the best support heroes who can provide buffs in the form of movement speed and shields, making Thamuz even more OP.

This ability will be very suitable for fighting at close range, with Thamuz and Angela's attacks at the same time, the opponent will find it difficult to dodge and can inflict enormous damage.


Then the next Thamuz hero combo is Diggie, the best support hero, Diggie is one of the good heroes in helping Thamuz in the gameplay in Mobile Legends.

Thanks to Diggie's ability, Thamuz doesn't have to worry about getting CC attacks from opponents, Thamuz's weakness is indeed the CC attacks he receives.

So, with Diggie, Thamuz can attack without worry and also get an additional CC effect that can attract opponents and give a slow effect.


Eudora can be Thamuz's best combo hero in Mobile Legends, thanks to his ability, Thamuz can easily get an opponent and then chase him until he loses.

This is thanks to Eudora's ability to have a very good CC effect on the opponent. This CC ability will provide an opportunity for Thamuz to attack opponents easily.

In addition, thanks to Eudora's skill, Thamuz will get enormous additional damage and is very suitable for team fights.


Continue for the next Thamuz hero combo, you can use the Silvanna hero to combo with Thamuz. Silvanna's ability can initiate the opponent.

This hero can lock the opponent who is the target, then Thamuz will enter and beat him together. With Thamuz's attack which has a damaged area, he can attack opponents easily.


Then Thamuz's combo hero is Tigreal. A tank hero, Tigreal is very suitable for combos with anyone.

Tigreal can use combos such as flicker + ultimate to attack the opponent, then after the opponent is hit by CC, Thamuz will enter and beat him.


The next Hero that is suitable for Combo with Thamuz is Atlas because this ability is able to provide strong resistance. The problem is that Atlas itself can provide a good Open war, and has CC with a large area. Atlas's ability has 2 CC, namely passive and ultimate.

If Thamuz wants to do a Combo, Atlas is definitely a hero who is quite fit for his abilities. Because Atlas itself is able to provide Thamuz's performance, it is very easy to attack enemies even in a very wide scope. If you do it right, then Thamuz can be the best finisher of this Combo.


Gatotkaca's ability to collect and provoke enemies is indeed very suitable for Tammuz. Because Thamuz, who is ready with his combo, just goes in to accompany Ghatotkacha in dealing damage and strong attacks on the enemies we find.

Of course, the ability of the two of them as rioting heroes is also very good. Must be able to know the game very well, so that later there will be no difficulty in facing the enemy in battle.


If you want to do a combo with this hero, it's actually not close, it doesn't matter as long as Floryn gives Thamuz the 7th Build. It is a passive skill that Floryn has while in Base so that she can provide additional Builds to friends who can go up depending on their own level.

Of course, Floryn is indeed very superior in this kind of thing, especially for Thamuz who is indeed the main Combo. When you are far away you can still be strong, then if you are close you can make Thamuz himself have very superior strength in eliminating the enemy with Floryn's Skill.


If this Combo is with Thamuz, they must surrender their trust to Johnson, so they can drive and hit the enemy properly. The problem is that Johnson who is on the Team may or may not be good, it affects Thamuz in performing a deadly combo.

Especially if you want to do a collision, you really have to be ready, because when you hit the enemy, you have to directly fight with skills. Enemies who have been hit must have experienced a reduction in HP because Johnson and the rest are left with Thamuz alone who fights.


One of the heroes with Buff stops the enemy's Blink and Dash Skills, and Minsitthar is really suitable for Combo with Thamuz hero. The problem is that Minstthar's ability to lock enemies is also really felt, so we who are Combo with Thamuz are also not a big problem.

Moreover, Thamuz who can indeed give Slow to the opponent, of course, makes one of the combos more precise. Let the enemy be so tormented that they can't escape and receive the Slow Effect from these two heroes.

So that's it for the best Thamuz combo heroes that you can play in the Mobile Legend game. Hopefully useful and useful for you Thamuz users in the Land of Dawn! See you later.

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