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List of Hero Combo Nana Mobile Legends 2022

Nana is one of the hero mages who have the ability to morph in Mobile Legends. Using Nana's combo hero will make her even tougher in Mobile Legends.

This hero has a poke specialist, whose skill CD is very short and can be used many times to attack opponents. This is useful as support, especially for your fighter heroes in the team.

The following esports will provide recommendations for the best Nana combo heroes that you can play in the Mobile Legends game. Check out the following explanation.

List of Hero Combo Nana Mobile Legends

Here's a row of the best Nana combo heroes that you can play in the Mobile Legends game.


Nana's first combo hero is Alucard, this one fighter hero will be very easy to support Nana, with her morph skill, Nana can turn her opponent into Molina.

When the opponent turns into a puppet, Alucard can take advantage of this moment by teaching him, that with a very fast attack, the opponent who has been marked with Molina will lose instantly.

This combo is very suitable for sideliners, and don't forget Nana to provide support and the core is Alucard.


Jawhead is a fighter hero who has excellent initiating abilities. The Nana and Jawhead combo will be very suitable for ganking.

First, use Nana's 2nd skill attack to lure the opponent, if the opponent has gotten the CC effect from Molina, then Jawhead will chase and attack the opponent with the first and second skills.

The opponent will be hit by damage as well as thrown in the specified direction, the last is to attack the opponent and defeat him.


Next for the next combo hero is Kaja, this one hero is also a hero who can kidnap opponents and initiate them. The ability is very powerful and whoever is kidnapped will lose.

Now by utilizing Nana's skill 2, Kaja will find it easy to find his prey, thanks to this skill Nana can stop the opponent's movement, and then make the opponent unable to move freely.

Finally, use Kaja's ability by dashing forward, kidnap the opponent and pull him back, also use Kaja's first skill to inflict additional damage.


Then the best Nana combo hero in Mobile Legends Dyrroth. This one hero can be easily combined with Nana, as a fighter hero, this combo is similar to Alucard.

Dyrroth will be supported by Nana, with the help of the second skill, Nana can stop anyone nearby, this will really help Dyrroth in attacking his opponent.


Lastly, Nana's combo hero in Mobile Legends is Franco. One of the heroes with a strong hook ability, Nana's Molina hero skill will really help her in finding prey.

Use skill 2 Nana to wait for the opponent to approach. when the opponent has got the CC effect from Nana, then use 1 Franco's skill to catch it.

The captured heroes will then be attacked together until they can defeat them.


Tigreal's Ultimate and 2nd Skill to bring Enemies to the Team are really good, this is also a very suitable Combo with Nana. In fact, Nana's Skill 2, if the enemy is close, will definitely turn them both into Molina. Enemies who are hit by Ultimate Tigreal, Nana can immediately throw a Skill 2.

Then you combo with Nana's Ultimate Skill can also happen with this attack later. It is certain that Combo abilities like that will be very helpful, will bring opportunities and chances to win in War. Moreover, Nana also has very high damage when the Late game gets easier.


The skill 2 that Nana gave can indeed make the opponent turn into Molina, even if you compete it will be even stronger. Because Gusion's ability is indeed very strong in dealing with enemies, it's good when Combo with Nana's Skill 2 now depends on the situation and time.

If indeed Gusion who is in the Team is really good, then Combo with Nana will also be even smoother. So that later Gusion will not have difficulty or Nana will also be easier to launch her ultimate attack as well later.


Combo Atlas and Nana do help each other in battle, because Atlas will be helped by Nana's ability to give CC using Skill 2. So that Atlas will be able to give Ultimate on target to the enemy, so this attack will be very easy for you to use.

When Nana managed to turn the Enemy into Molina, Atlas entered the battle and immediately used the Ultimate Skill. Then when the enemy has been slammed by Atlas, Nana can immediately use the Ultimate Skill. So in things like this that would be really helpful.


Gatotkaca's superiority in giving CC and provocation to the enemy, of course, this Hero named Nana fits the combo with him. Because Gatotkaca himself will use Skill 2 and Ultimate to cause CC, then Skill 1 with a fairly large Damage. Nana is ready with all her skills, to help Gatot in this.

If indeed Gatotkaca manages to get a lot of enemies in the War Area, then Nana can immediately launch every Combo attack correctly. It depends on the right time, but if you want when the Enemy gets Ultimate Skill and then SKill 2 Gatotkaca, then Nana has a good chance to attack.


The Harith and Nana combo is rare, but once it appears, the opponent won't move easily. Harith and Nana have skills that slow them down, it will be a very good position to attack. Because the enemy is affected by such an effect, it will definitely be very easy for us to defeat.

Ultimate Harith and Skill 2 Nana, then Ultimate Nana with the agile movement that Harith gives can drain the opponent's HP. But you have to be careful if you do this Combo, for example, because there are still some drawbacks. Although in the end it is very deadly.

So that's it for the best Nana combo heroes that you can play in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully the row of heroes above can be useful and beneficial for those in need. See you later!

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