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How to Get MSC Pharsa Mobile Legends Skin 2022 for Free

The MSC (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup) 2022 event will soon be held in Singapore. To welcome one of the biggest International Mobile Legends tournament events, Moonton will provide Pharsa Skin for free through the MSC Mobile Legends 2022 event.


Of course, this is encouraging news for all Mobile Legends players, especially Pharsa users. On this occasion, we will discuss how to get the Pharsa Skin which is the prize for the MSC 2022 event.

Curious how? Come on, let's see the full review below.

How to get MSC Pharsa Mobile Legends Skin 2022

Launching information from daily spin, the MSC Mobile Legends 2022 event will take place starting on June 6, 2022. The main prize that you can get through this event is Pharsa's New Skin called "Hierophant".

This Pharsa Skin is a special skin created by Moonton for the MSC 2022 event. To be able to get this Pharsa Skin, you need to collect MSC Coin as much as 25,900 Coin. After getting the stated amount of MSC Coin, then you can get the Pharsa MSC 2022 Skin through the exchange shop.

There are several ways that players can do to be able to collect MSC coins, one of which is by buying an MSC Pass. However, in this way, the player must provide 899 Diamonds of Diamond, and of course, this method is also quite draining of money.

Apart from buying the MSC Pass, there are other ways you can get MSC Coin. Still reported from daily spin , in total there are at least 10 ways that can be done to get MSC Coin, here are the details:

  1. MSC Pass subscriptions earn 1,000 MSC Coins.
  2. Complete the MSC Pass Quest to get 14,700 MSC coins.
  3. Buying MSC Pass earns 3,500 MSC coins.
  4. Quest Rewards After purchasing an MSC Pass of 14,700 MSC Coins.
  5. Predict the tournament correctly and earn 5,800 MSC coins.
  6. Participate in the prediction of the winner to get 1,000 MSC coins.
  7. The correct winner prediction will get 2,000 MSC coins.
  8. Complete the total login to get 500 MSC coins.
  9. Login when winning announcements and gets 1000 MSC Coins.
  10. The predicted rank mode earns 3,600 MSC coins.

Of the 10 methods above, only methods 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 can you do to get MSC Coin for free. If you use the methods at the points mentioned above, in total you can get 28,600 MSC Coin.

Skin Pharsa MSC Mobile Legends 2022 itself can be obtained with 25,900 MSC Coin. The amount of MSC Coin that you get using the free method, of course, is very enough to get the Pharsa MSC 2022 Skin.

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