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Here's How to Play Mobile Legends Smoothly

One of the most annoying things when playing Mobile Legends games is Lag. There are so many things that can cause lag when playing Mobile Legends games, for example, such as a poor internet connection to inadequate device specifications.

Well, on this occasion, we want to tell you how to overcome lag when playing Mobile Legends. So for those of you who want to know, just read this article until it's finished!

Here's How to Play Mobile Legends Smoothly

1. Use a Stable 4G or WiFi Network

The first tip so that you can smoothly play Mobile Legends games is to use a stable internet network. It is highly recommended for you to use WiFi when playing Mobile Legends games.

If you don't have WiFi, at least the internet network you are using already supports 4G technology. Because as one of the best online games, Mobile Legends requires a stable internet connection to play it smoothly.

2. Enable Speed ​​Mode and Network Boost Features

Mobile Legends itself also provides advanced features that can make the game smooth, namely Speed ​​Mode and Network Enhancement features.

You can find this feature on the Settings menu in the game, precisely on the Network menu. To be able to use this feature, you need to activate the 4G Data Package and WiFi at the same time.

3. Set Graphics As Comfortable As Possible

Another way that you can do to make the game run smoothly is to set the graphics as comfortably as possible according to the device you are using.

You can use Low/Low Graphic settings with High/High Refresh Rate settings so that your Mobile Legends game continues to run smoothly even though the graphics displayed are Low.

4. Turn off Applications Running in the Background

Before playing the Mobile Legends game, it's a good idea for you to turn off all applications running in the background so that only Mobile Legends run.

That way it will make the performance of your smartphone unburdened due to the many applications running simultaneously.

Because if you don't turn off the application running in the background while playing Mobile Legends, it will potentially create lag.

5. Don't Play While Charging

It is not recommended for you to play the Mobile Legends game while charging. Because when charging, the heat that appears when charging can cause a lag effect.

In addition to lag, another danger that can be caused when playing while charging is damage until the device explodes.

Well, those are some ways to overcome lag when playing Mobile Legends. If you find this article useful, don't forget to share it with your friends!

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