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Get 1 Skin Kung Fu Panda Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends has released a lot of very cool new events for you to try now. Especially with Guaranteed to Get 1 Skin Kung Fu Panda Mobile Legends (ML), of course, players can try this too. Including part of the newest Kung Fu Panda Skin, it's definitely going to be even cooler.

The events that appear in the Mobile Legends game are also quite a lot, we have to complete every new mission from here. If players want to have cool and rare gifts like this, they can certainly make it easy for those of you who have tried it now.

Then also understand the name of this Mobile Legends Hero Role Type now, in order to help you when you are facing many enemies. Because by using the right role hero, your attacks against them will not be difficult. Must be able to do it right, if it's going to give a fairly strong attack.

Moreover, with a Guaranteed to Get 1 Skin Kung Fu Panda Mobile Legends (ML), you can get cool prizes from here. Bringing up an image like a Kung Fu Panda movie character, appearing as a Kung Fu Panda Skin in the match that we will do later.

Guaranteed to Get 1 Skin Kung Fu Panda Mobile Legends (ML)

Currently, the Kung Fu Panda event is on the Advance server for testing. This latest collaboration from Mobile Legends is indeed quite interesting to discuss. Because this time it will be a collaboration with one of the famous cartoon characters, Kung Fu Panda.

Almost everyone knows the Kung Fu Panda movie. Panda character named Po has Kung Fu martial arts skills. This time the character will be present in the most popular Moba game for Mobile, namely Mobile Legends.

In the current preview period at the Kung Fu Panda Event, there is one interesting thing. You are guaranteed to get 1 Kung Fu Panda Skin. But to be able to get the collaboration skin, you have to draw 10 times.

To be able to draw 10 times you need around 1000 diamonds but for the first discount, you can only get 500 diamonds. In addition, you can also exchange them at the Event Shop for Jade Ornaments that can be exchanged for Kung Fu Panda skins.

As seen for the Kung Fu Panda skin here it has around 800 Jade Ornaments to be exchanged. Besides skin, you can also get other effects such as recall, elimination, spawn, and the like.

Maybe later you can get free tokens for this event and get 10 times the same draw as the Transformers event to get the Grimlock skin .

That's the explanation about Guaranteed to Get 1 Skin Kung Fu Panda Mobile Legends (ML). Fans of Mobile Legends can only wait for confirmation for the release of this skin. Because with the emergence of a Collaboration like this, it will definitely feel different for some of the partners that you can see in battle later.

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