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Battle Spell Hero Ruby Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest updates that are very exciting for you to try. Even for 5 Battle Spell Hero Ruby Mobile Legends (ML), it will help this hero in the ongoing battle. Ruby has a very good ability, you can even try it together with a suitable Spell later.

Because indeed some things we know in the game, it turns out that Ruby is the strongest Fighter Tank. All of his skills are indeed full of CC, both Slow and Stun can indeed be obtained if you are using them in battle.

Correctly understand Tips for Using Ruby Mobile Legends Heroes, so that you can use this Hero more easily later. Because of Ruby's ability to deal with a lot of enemies, it's pretty good because of the build and Area attacks for things like that.

Complete with 5 Battle Spell Hero Ruby Mobile Legends (ML), it will definitely help the player to make it even easier. Because for a Battle Spell-like this, it feels like the difference will really be felt, so you can also fight the enemy even faster.

Battle Spell Hero Ruby Mobile Legends (ML)


The first Battle Spell that is suitable for Ruby is Flicker, not a problem even though the passive itself can already Dash when using Skills. Of course this Battle Spell will make it easier for us to kidnap enemies because it will help Ruby very easily.

If you want to know Skill 2 or Ultimate Ruby, we can Combo with Spell Flicker which of course feels very strong. So that your battle doesn't feel very difficult if you use this Spell very well later.


Then next we can use the Petrify Spell, to make Hero Ruby easier to catch enemies faster. Because it will make the opponent unable to move, so Ultimate or Skill 2 is easy to catch the Enemy using this Spell.

My advice is this Spell when you have succeeded in the enemy's Ultimate Skill, then you can go straight to Skill 2 first. Then we can immediately give Spell attacks so that later we can give attacks that cripple 3 times the enemy easily.


Ruby is also capable of being a strong Hyper, then using the Retribution Spell to give a stronger attack. Because with this Spell it will be easier for us to get Farming Level, even Gold so that the level is faster than having enemies.

But there's something you have to remember if this Spell is only used in certain situations, so you have to pay close attention to it. If indeed your team already has Hyper, then just use another Spell because there are still more helpful ones.


This spell is also pretty much used for heroes like Ruby's class because, at the beginning of the Game, Ruby's hero has an advantage in attacking. So if you have fought the enemy and made him die, execute this to be a Battle Spell Execute which is very helpful for Kill.

So with a true and strong Execute ability, it will definitely make the Ruby Fighter resistance very strong. But you must remain vigilant and careful because indeed Spell Execute has limitations when you use it.


No wonder Ruby often uses Build Tanks with high Life steals, you also need a Battle Spell Vengeance. Surely it will make you even stronger, even giving you an advantage in facing your opponent while doing war later.

The problem is that Vengeance will be really helpful for Ruby to become even stronger. Especially if you have given large damage, then your attack will be added to the use Spell because the enemy will receive counterattack damage from the spell.

If you already know 5 Battle Spell Hero Ruby Mobile Legends (ML), you will definitely have no trouble with this existing attack. The Battle Spell itself will really help to win if you really have the opportunity to use opportunities like this.

Then also use Combo Hero Ruby Mobile Legends , so that attacking opportunities can become easier with things like this. The enemy you are fighting, if you have met the combo, you will feel miserable because you can't go anywhere.

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