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Facts And Statistics Season 24 Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends has released a variety of the latest updates that are very exciting for you to try now. Even with the emergence of interesting Facts and Statistics in Season 24 of Mobile Legends (ML), during the season there are things that are quite interesting for us to discuss this time.

Especially for the events that appear in this game, quite a lot for Mobile Legends players to complete and get the prizes. Because the use of the redeem code is quite large like this, it will definitely provide the latest things that you really shouldn't miss at all.

Then for the presence of the Mobile Legends x Kung Fu Panda Collaboration, it won't take long for players to feel everything. The problem is that there are lots of new prizes and missions that we can receive if we follow the latest collaboration that will appear in this game.

Finding out interesting Facts and Statistics Season 24 of Mobile Legends (ML) is indeed an exciting one to discuss. Because the facts and statistics that exist during season 24 are quite unique.

Interesting Facts and Statistics Season 24 Mobile Legends (ML)

Season 24 ended on Saturday, July 2, 2022, a few days ago. There have been a lot of things that happened during season 24. Several times the meta changes occurred during season 24 and there are also many heroes that have appeared this time.

Season 24 lasts for 3 months or 90 days to be precise. During that time there were also many who fought for the highest rank. However, with the statistics provided this time, there are many interesting facts and statistics for this season of 24 Mobile Legends (ML). What are the facts and statistics?

The most eliminated hero Franco

Franco indeed in Season 24 quite a lot of players who use it. Moreover, for high rankers like Mythic Franco, it is one of the best meta options to be used as roamers. Even though it's said to be meta, Franco has the most average elimination among all heroes.

Franco has an average elimination of 5.38 so he is the hero with the most deaths compared to the others.

Faramis is the hardest hero to eliminate

Faramis in season 24 is very rare for players to use this hero because the level of effectiveness is low enough that it is no longer included in the meta. Therefore Faramis is the most difficult hero to be eliminated compared to other heroes.

Faramis has an average elimination of 8.37 making this hero the most difficult to eliminate.

Most popular Immortality items

Immortality is a defense item that we often encounter every hero for any role. This item is also a pretty good defense to use for season 24.

Immortality has a win rate of 57.44% and is the most popular item for season 24.

Rose Gold Meteor item with the highest Win Rate

Rose Gold Meteor is a physical item that also functions as a defense against magic damage. But for now, we really rarely see the Rose Gold Meteor when compared to other items.

Rose Gold Meteor has a Win Rate of 57.74% making this item the item with the highest Win Rate in Season 24.

Most popular Vale Midlaner Hero

We often meet Vale in season 24 this time. All ranks in mobile legends games almost often we see this one hero mage. Because the difficulty level is quite low and effective for the damage given it becomes the most popular midlaner hero in season 24.

The most popular Zilong Explaner Hero

This old hero has indeed become one of the heroes we see most often today. Zilong who is in Explain is one of the choices for all mobile legends ranks. So that with this also makes Zilong the most popular Explaner Season 24

Most popular Miya Goldlaner Hero

Almost the same as Zilong, Miya as a Goldlaner hero has indeed been a long-time hero in the Mobile Legends game. Making this hero also one of the choices of all current ranks. Making this hero the most popular Goldlaner Season 24.

The most popular Ling Jungler Hero

Then there is Ling, a hero with the ability who must have high hand speed to become the most popular Jungler hero. Ling is indeed quite effective as a jungler and makes this hero Ling the most popular Jungler Hero.

Johnson Roamer Hero terpopuler

Finally, there is Johnson as the most popular roamer hero today. Johnson is often enough for us to see in every rank in Mobile Legends, making this hero popular enough to be used as a roamer.

That's an explanation of interesting Facts and Statistics in Season 24 of Mobile Legends (ML). 

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