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5 Ways to Get Captain Markhor Free Fire Bundle 2022

 Free Fire has released a lot of very cool latest updates for you to try to have. Then there is a way to get the Captain Markhor Free Fire (FF) Bundle, you just have to follow things like that now. Because indeed with the presence of this Bundle, we will look like a leader.

There are still many good updates that can appear in the Free Fire game, make sure you all don't miss it altogether. Complete various missions that the player must have, don't ignore all of that and it will definitely feel easy.

Especially the appearance of the FFSR 2022 Free Fire Event Schedule, one of the events that you can try right now. Providing a variety of missions that are very exciting and you can try, will give one chance for the player to try to receive the prize.

Especially for How to Get the Captain Markhor Free Fire (FF) Bundle, because the process won't take long. For example, if you have managed to get this new Bundle, let's go straight for us to have and use it in matches.

How to Get Captain Markhor Free Fire (FF) Bundle

Login Free Fire Game First

In order to get the Captain Markhor Bundle, Free Fire players must first log in to the game so that they can continue immediately. So that this condition is also beneficial for the players, we can start on July 21, 2022.

Choose Luck Royale And Choose Gold Royale

Then we can directly select Luck Royale first, then use the Gold Royale feature right now. Now, after you have chosen this, you will immediately go inside and see the appearance of the new bundle.

Do Spin to Get Captain Markhor Free Fire Bundle

Then start to Spin with 300 Gold 1 time and 3000 Gold 10 times. This way, there is another chance to be able to get the prize immediately, because the Markhor Free Fire Bundle can be easily obtained if you understand this.

Lucky Star Increases Chances of Earning

The higher your Lucky Point, the greater the chance to get this prize now. Applies to each Royale and even Gold Royale will also have something like this.

Bundle Ready to Use

After that, we are ready to use the new Free Fire Markhor Bundle and show it to the opponent. If you have done this, surely the enemy will also know more and more that the fighting power is indeed ours.

The presence of a new Bundle like this is exciting, surely those of you who already have it will look so different. Moreover, the appearance of the Bundle Markhor will definitely give color and an appearance that fits.

If you want to try to become a Squad Leader in Free Fire, then having this bundle will be a good thing. Because of the player's chances and chances of having the prize, it will be seen for sure when he is ready with all of that.

After knowing how to get the Captain Markhor Free Fire (FF) Bundle, just follow the method so you don't get confused. Because Esportsku is also interested in having a bundle like this.

Then also use the Free Fire Spin Hockey Tips, so that we have a big chance with the main prize like that. The opportunity to win the grand prize will become easier.

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