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5 Ways to Get Rank Protection Card Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends has released a variety of the latest very cool updates for you to try. Because for How to Get a Mobile Legends (ML) Rank Protection Card, it's something important that you use it. The problem is that those of you who take part in this latest event will provide a variety of good prizes to protect the game in rank.

The presence of several events that have appeared now, will definitely give you quite a lot of prizes for you to try. All of this will provide pretty cool prizes, will make you have the newest grand prize like this, so we can have a decent prize to give you lots of prizes.

You also have to know What is Rank Protection Card in Mobile Legends , a new item that has appeared in the game right now. As a new gift that you can indeed use when you are ranking up, so you can have security when the Star Rank is up.

Players can immediately know how to get a Mobile Legends (ML) Rank Protection Card, so that they have a chance to be protected from a decrease in rank. So that when you have lost in 0 stars, the rank will be safe with the Protection. It's very easy, as long as you follow my existing Esports Way.

How to Get Rank Protection Card Mobile Legends (ML)

Enter the Mobile Legends Game

We enter the Mobile Legends game first, so we can get the latest existing Rank Protection. This is indeed only available in 1 Season Rank that takes place, so you can immediately have the existing Rank Protection right now.

Push Rank Up to Grandmaster Up

My advice from Esports is that you have to push your rank up to Grandmaster or more, so that we can receive this new prize right now. Because if you have done this, you will be able to proceed directly to the next process.

Open Rank Information to Get Rank Protection Card

Then we can immediately open the Rank Information to be able to get this existing Rank Protection Card. The problem is that you will find several options called Rank Prizes, so you can proceed directly to the next process as well.

Claim Rank Protection Card Pada Rank Grandmaster – Legend

Then we can directly Claim the Rank Protection Card now on the existing Grandmaster – Legend Rank. Along with some additional prizes that players can immediately use properly when competing.

Check on the Rank Mode Options Options

Then those of you who want to use Rank Protection or not because it is available in the Rank Options Feature right now. As a very good new gift for you to try right now, so that we can have some good things for players to use well.

The emergence of new features that have entered the Mobile Legends game, will definitely provide a very clear change. The problem is that the use of the Rank Protection Card that you have to use, will indeed make you more aware of all that.

Then you also have to receive the Skin Ancient Totem in Mobile Legends , as a prize for Rank Season 24 if you get it. It sure looks really cool for this new prize, it will make a Hero named Grock look much cooler when competing.

After knowing How to Get a Mobile Legends (ML) Rank Protection Card, you won't be confused anymore with all this. Because Rank Protection already exists now, if you want to be safe from decreasing your rank if you run out of stars, of course.

Then really understand the types of Role Hero Mobile Legends that already exist, so that we can have a good opportunity to make choices. Because in Rank Mode you must understand the Role Type of the hero you are using, so that it is easy to complete Rank and easily win.

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