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5 Ways to Get the Heatbound Desert Free Fire Bundle 2022

Free Fire released a variety of new updates containing events and additional features according to the patch. Then the appearance of the How to Get the Heatbound Desert Free Fire (FF) Bundle, means that it is related to this emerging event. The appearance of a new gift like that is really cool, if you complete the mission you will definitely get something interesting.

An event that is definitely fun for you to play, if you complete every Mission and the latest update so you can play it. Free Fire players who already understand the completion of the event's mission itself will quickly finish, only then will you be able to enjoy the prizes that already exist.

Due to the appearance of the Booyah Adha 2022 Free Fire Event Schedule, you must understand every mission that has emerged from here. The thing is, from what Esports I saw, it turned out that the Heatbound Desert Bundle was also present, which turned out to be a free gift. So that's really cool for us to have if you really want to have everything new from here.

That's why just try How to Get the Heatbound Desert Free Fire (FF) Bundle, it's easy and fast for you to understand. Because every prize that will be released now, surely you will have this gift soon in this new Booyah Adha new Event.

How to Get the Heatbound Desert Free Fire Bundle

Login Game Free Fire

You enter the Free Fire game first, so you can get this newest Heatbound Desert Bundle. It's a special gift from exchanging Booyah Adha 2022, Hadith on 1 – 12 July 2022 to come. But for all players, you can receive it on July 9, 2022, so that you can immediately claim the prize.

Open the Event and Check the Eid Adha Exchange Store

Then we can open the event and check the existing Eid Adha Exchange Store, it will be an important point for you to collect. Now it turns out that players have to collect Cow and Goat Tokens so they can immediately have these prizes.

Collect Cow and Goat Tokens to Get Heatbound Desert Bundle

Pay attention to How to Get Free Fire Cow Tokens, collect up to 25 Fruits to get this prize. Then now we can try How to Get Goat Token, only need 1 Bauh. Because this appears on Peak Day.

Exchange Tokens on July 9, 2022

So this Goat Token is only available through the Event Login on 9-10 July 2022, you can just complete the mission. If you already have it, just exchange the token with this bundle right now.

Gifts Go Into the Vault

If you have received the Desert Free Fire Heatbound Bundle, then you can immediately receive it and check the Vault section. This is a very cool gift, so we will soon receive a lot of good stuff that is quite profitable for sure.

Of course, after collecting the right ingredients, you will get this Heatbound Desert Free Fire Bundle right away. You just need to complete the mission, then get a good reward and it won't look disappointing when you use it.

Then by trying a combination with the Mars Warclasher Free Fire Bundle, it turned out that this was really cool and just right. The thing is, with this Bundle, we will immediately have a colored effect, as well as changes that are quite clear when we are using it, even though we use another set of bundles.

If you already know how to get the Heatbound Desert Free Fire (FF) Bundle, you can immediately get much more prizes. Just complete missions that already exist, so players can use this Bundle directly in battle.

Really understand Tips for Completing Free Fire Missions Quickly, so that later you can change new missions quickly. There are no obstacles at all when you start playing the Mission now, you just need to see these tips and you will have it right away.

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