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5 Ways to Get the Energized Free Fire Jersey Bundle

Free Fire has released an update that contains the latest game features and also a festive event that players can play. Seeing How to Get the Energized Free Fire (FF) Jersey Bundle, it turns out that this presents a pretty cool prize. Even though the appearance itself is quite simple, the colors and themes really make the user excited to play.

There are many events that have appeared in the Free Fire game, we must complete all these missions right now. Because some of the prizes that players will get will definitely continue to grow and can be a really cool additional collection. Moreover, there are some things that might be a gift to make it a good addition.

The presence of a Free Fire Booyah Adha 2022 Event Schedule, of course, provides new prizes with missions that you must complete. You must be able to complete the mission quickly so that we can get the latest prizes which are really cool. If players use this Bundle, it will look different when you already have it.

Because How to Get the Energized Free Fire (FF) Jersey Bundle, is indeed the latest opportunity for you to use it too. As a good gift that we can use so that this bundle item can become the newest collection, which is really cool.

How to Get the Energized Free Fire (FF) Jersey Bundle

Login Game Free Fire Dulu

You must first log in to the Free Fire game, so you can get the existing Energized Jersey Bundle. The presence of the Bundle will appear on the upcoming 7-21 July 2022, so that you can have this prize.

Choose Luck Royale and Jersey Royale

Then then you can directly select the Luck Royale section so that we can get gifts like this. This is because this includes a Bundle that is rarely present, so that's why it also appears in the special Royale section.

Start Spin to Get Energized Jersey Bundle

Then we can start Spin right away, so we can get this Energized Jersey Bundle right now. Because the Spin option is 1 time 19 Dm and 5 times 79 Dm the chance to get a large Energized Jersey Bundle, use the 5 times continuously.

Will Get Cashback If Lucky

The point here is a prize in the form of 100 Diamonds. Esportsku has indeed seen that the Cashback itself appears from Spin, for example Hockey will get it soon.

Vault Login Reward

If you have received the Energized Jersey Bundle gift, then you can immediately check the feature called Vault. Because you can receive this gift right away, even just use it on the Cowo character if you want.

The presence of several new updates that have appeared in the Free Fire game, will make you more enthusiastic about playing. Including the emergence of the Energized Jersey Bundle, so we can start playing right away and have some prizes that are already available right now.

Then you try the Aug 50% Free Fire Incubator Discount , so you can have the newest gift that feels very good. Because it's also all about doing Spin, so you can have new prizes that will be something cooler.

After knowing How to Get the Energized Free Fire (FF) Jersey Bundle, it will make you give the character a cooler appearance. The thing is, using a Jersey Bundle like this, will make you bring a grand prize like this.

Also use a Free Fire Spin Hockey Tips , so you can have a good opportunity that is indeed present like this. The problem is with better Hockey Spin conditions, so players can have these various prizes.

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