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Tips for Using Homer Free Fire Characters 2022

Free Fire has released lots of very cool latest updates for us to try. As well as trying 8 Tips for Using Homer Free Fire (FF) characters, it will be easier for you to win in any mode. The battle will also feel faster, when you use Homer it's even easier.

Moreover, to finish the match faster, so you can immediately change matches for more fun. Homer himself is indeed a new Free Fire character, in fact you will find many great powers when using this character.

Then the appearance of the Homer Free Fire character himself has an interesting story, seeing him as a deadly assassin but unfortunately his eyes are blind. Even so, the power itself is also very diverse, you will find it easier to use it if you understand.

So, you need 8 Tips for Using Homer Free Fire (FF) characters, so that later you can have such great power. It won't be too difficult to face opponents, once you understand how to use them to compete against strong enemies.

Tips for Using Homer Free Fire (FF) Characters

Know Homer's Character Skills

My advice from us is if you want to use Homer's character like this, then first know what the character's skills are so that you can understand better. Don't just look at it at a glance, but don't understand the Skill so that it makes things chaotic when using it.

Homer is a character with active skills, has a long cooldown but has a very deadly skill effect. Homer will issue a drone with him, if there are no enemies at all then the drone will immediately disappear at a glance.

The drone will hit enemies within 100m, then deal damage and blast areas with bad effects. Enemies in the area will be affected by the effect of reducing movement speed, firing rate and area effects last for 5 seconds.

Tips for Using Homer's Free Fire Character is to Decide the Game with Homer

You must first be able to determine what Homer's character game is like, considering that Homer himself has great potential. My advice from Esports is to use the gameplay like a Rusher or Sniper, because that's the right thing for Homer to do.

Because this is supported by the Active Skill, because it will make you know the opponent's position and give a very bad effect. That's why a Rusher needs a Skill like this, so that their game to attack the opponent becomes even easier.

But if for a Sniper, it will help you to make your opponent's Movement Speed ​​slow. And those who get additional damage, will help weapons with long distances like this will be easy to kill later.

Use the Right Combination of Characters

Then you also have to be able to use the Right Combination of Characters, so that you will be much stronger than before. Because indeed the use of a combination like this will surely give you strength that will become even more perfect.

That's why you also have to know the Homer Free Fire Character Combination , so it's not difficult to use it in matches. Because of the ability and combination of characters like this, it will definitely make it easier for you to face the enemy.

Because battles like Distance or Rush at all, will definitely be supported with a combination like this. That's what will make you less afraid yourself, because later Homer will have some very supportive Passive abilities.

Pair With Pet Rockie

As much as possible if you want to use Homer, you have to use a Pet named Rockie right now. This is my advice from Esports so that it is easy for you to use these characters, because Homer himself has the biggest interest in his Active Skills.

Because considering Homer's Skill Cooldown is very long, so Pet Rockie will support the reduction of his Skill. Because Rockie will reduce the character's Active Skill form in the match, so that we can reuse it faster.

Then there is also the Best Pet Combination of Homer Free Fire Characters , so that it is not difficult for you to use it. As a strong character and will not be easily defeated, of course this will become stronger and will not be difficult when competing later.

Tips for Using Homer Free Fire Characters is to Determine the Time to Use Homer Skills

So you have to know at any time to use Homer's Skill when competing, this is important so you don't throw it away. Now because this skill is intended to find an enemy, then we have to know a few things when we want to use it.

According to my Esports, you can use Homer's Skill if you want to enter the house, visible or invisible, just use the Skill. Within 100M, enemies who enter this range will be immediately targeted by Homer's drone and we can know its location.

However, if you are in a mid-range or long-range battle, immediately use the Drone Skill to immediately give damage and bad effects. Even though the enemy uses Gloo Wall, this skill will also ignore the obstacle so it will immediately turn around to attack the enemy.

Become a Marker for the Team

For example, if you use a Homer character, it can be a marker for the team you are fighting. So it's clear that if this drone explodes, the effect of the area will be seen because of its large size.

Then for a marker to the team, so that we know for example the enemy is in any position. So that later when you want to face Squad vs. Squad, it won't be difficult at all because Homer has been the initial opener in this attack on the Team.

Dare to Invade When Skill Explodes

This is indeed important if you use the Homer character in the Rush method, you must dare to directly attack the enemy. Because later we can directly deal large damage, then some very high damage to the opponent who is affected.

Because some of these bad effects will make the opponent helpless, and we can be superior in attacking. But if for example the enemy uses the weapon is a melee type, then it can't give a quick attack if it's still in this Aura.

Tips for Using Homer Free Fire Characters is to Use the Right Weapon

Even the use of Homer's character to be more comfortable must also use the right weapon in the match later. Because it can make you superior, and it's not too difficult to face the enemy we are facing later.

Because according to Esportsku for the Best Weapon for Homer Free Fire, it will give you an edge in the love of a steady attack. Even the Role Sniper or Rush itself is also very strong because this weapon does have several advantages for you to use when competing.

After knowing 8 Tips for Using Homer Free Fire (FF) Characters, then using these Tips will definitely not feel difficult at all. Because you use Homer properly and correctly, it won't be very difficult to face every enemy that exists today.

Then you have to pay attention to the Homer Free Fire Character Counter , because this can make you weak or vice versa. If that's how it feels, Homer will surely become weak like fighting him with a Counter or something appropriate.

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