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Tips for Playing in Bomb Squad Mode 5v5 Ranked

One of the new modes that were finally released was the Bomb Squad mode. For those of you who don't know, the Bomb Squad 5v5 Ranked mode is a development version of the previous Bomb Squad mode.

Well, for those of you who want to try the Bomb Squad 5v5 Ranked mode, here we present some playing tips that you can apply in the game.

Tips for Playing in Bomb Squad Mode 5v5 Ranked

Oh yes, if you don't have the strongest character in Free Fire yet to play in Bomb Squad mode, you can top up Free Fire diamonds first.

Because to have the strongest character you are required to exchange it for a number of diamonds. If so, you can use these characters and follow these tips.

1. Choose a Powerful Weapon

The first tip you can do in order to win in the Free Fire Ranked Bomb Squad mode is to choose the strongest weapon to use during battle.

Just like the Clash Squad mode, in Bomb Squad mode you will be provided with some Gold to buy weapons and other equipment.

Therefore, you also have to be wise when using Gold. Selection of weapons for the close range is the right choice, considering that the map is narrower and of course, close combat will often occur.

2. Focus on Objectives

In Bomb Squad mode, there will be two teams divided into Offense and Defense. The Offense Team has the task of blowing up the Bomb Site. Meanwhile, the Defense team is tasked with preventing the Offense team from detonating bombs in the Bomb Site area.

If you are on the Offense team, then you must be careful in choosing the Bomb Site to be detonated and protect the friends who carry the bombs. Meanwhile, if you are on the Defense team, then you must unite to protect the Bomb Site.

3. Split Position is the Wrong Choice!

The next tip when playing in Bomb Squad mode is not to do Split Position. Because as we know, in Bomb Squad mode there are 2 sites that can be attacked or defended.

So, instead of having to scatter too far, it's better to stick together to attack or guard one of the bomb sites.

Because if you do Split Position, it will be difficult for you or your teammates to help when one of the bomb sites is attacked.

4. Master the Battle Arena

Mastering the battle arena, of course, is very important if you want to win in this Bomb Squad Free Fire mode.

El Pastel is a new map that comes directly with this Bomb Squad mode. This map is specially designed for Bomb Squad mode. Because it is a new map, you have to adapt as quickly as possible.

Besides El Pastelo, the Stone Escape map is also still available in this Bomb Squad mode. In essence, mastering all the arenas in Bomb Squad mode will certainly provide benefits for you and the other team members.

Well, those are some tips that you can apply to win in Bomb Squad 5v5 Ranked Free Fire mode. Don't forget to share it with your friends!

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