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5 Tips to Be Good at Using Alucard Mobile Legends, EZ Savage

One of the strongest Fighter heroes in Mobile Legends is Alucard. Alucard has high damage and has a very high Lifesteal ability. With that ability, it will be easy for you to finish off your opponent.

Well, if you are learning to use the Alucard hero, here's we present some good tips on using the Alucard Mobile Legends hero that you can apply in the game.

Tips for Using Alucard Mobile Legends

In addition to his great abilities, Alucard is also known as one of the heroes with the most skins in Mobile Legends. If you are a collector of Mobile Legends skins, make sure you have done a Mobile Legends diamond top-up first. Because to get a skin in Mobile Legends you have to exchange a number of diamonds.

Well, if you have a cool Alucard skin but can't use this Fighter hero, just read the following article until it's finished!

1. Understand the Skills He Has

The first tip for those of you who want to learn Alucard's hero is to first understand the skills he has. Alucard himself is equipped with great skills such as:

Pursuit (Passive Skill): Alucard's skill deals 1.5 times Damage if only one opponent is hit. Alucard's next basic attack after using the skill will deal 1.2 times the damage and allow him to jump towards the target. Alucard's skill receives 50% of his Physical Lifesteal.

Groundsplitter (Skill 1): Alucard jumps in the designated direction and performs a slash, dealing physical damage to all enemies in the area and slowing them by 40% for 2 seconds.

Whirling Smash (Skill 2): ​​Alucard attacks nearby enemies and deals Physical Damage to them.

Fission Wave (Skill 3): Alucard absorbs the energy of enemies within the specified area, increasing his Physical Lifesteal by 40% and reducing the target's Movement Speed ​​by 40% for 4 seconds. Within 8 seconds, Passive will be activated every time he deals damage to the target. During this period, he can release a powerful Shock Wave forward and deal Physical Damage to enemies.

2. Wait for the Opponent Before Attacking

One of the weaknesses that Alucard has is that it is vulnerable to Crowd Control effects. He will be very weak against Crowd Control heroes.

Therefore, when you use Alucard, it's a good idea to wait for the opponent's hero to release all their skills before you can enter the battle. You could say how to play Alucard itself is the same as when using Assassin heroes.

3. Activate Ulti First

The next tip when using the Alucard hero is to activate the Fission Wave skill (Skill 3) first before attacking your opponent. Why? Because the Fission Wave skill as we know it will increase Alucard's Physical Lifesteal and reduce the opponent's Movement Speed.

That way, it will be easy for Alucard to finish off his opponents. Especially if the opponent is dying, you can use this skill again to throw a Shock Wave at the opponent.

4. Rotation is Important

Compared to being an Offlaner hero, Alucard is actually more suitable if he is used as a Jungler hero in the game.

That's because Alucard has sick damage and is able to rotate quickly. Therefore, it is better for you to use Alucard as a Jungler.

So, as a jungler, rotation is very important. You need to rotate to clear the jungler monsters and help teammates on other lanes.

Doing rotation, of course, will also speed up your farming, and the items needed for Alucard become faster.

5. Use the Right Build

To maximize the ability of Alucard, then you need the right combination of Alucard builds. You can use the Alucard build recommendations that pro players share, or use your own build that has been adapted to the opponent you are facing.

Well, those are some tips for using the best Alucard that you can apply in the game. 

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