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Tips for Countering Homer Free Fire Characters 2022

Free Fire has released lots of cool updates that are really cool for you to try. Especially there are 8 Tips to Counter Homer Free Fire (FF) characters, you have to know all of them so you don't have trouble. Given that this character is quite meta, so we must also remain vigilant and do not make the wrong attack.

It's sure to face a lot of strong enemies though, Homer will overcome all of them in a very easy way. Including as a very strong character skill, it will give you an advantage in war if you use it so well.

If you know Tips for Using Homer Free Fire Characters , then something like this is indeed quite profitable. So that you yourself will definitely become easier, and it will not be too difficult to face each enemy so easily.

But if you fight him, you have to know 8 Tips for Countering Homer Free Fire (FF) characters, because that will be a big influence to dispel his strength. It is certain that Homer's abilities are getting messed up, it can even become easier for you to defeat as well.

Tips for Countering Homer Free Fire (FF) Characters

Always Beware of the Enemy

The enemies we fight in this Free Fire game are hidden, even we ourselves don't know their characters. Well, if you really meet the enemy, first check whether once we attack the Active Skill is immediately used or not.

Because right now it's still Meta DJ Alok Free Fire , then this is indeed quite profitable. Because when the active skill that the enemy issued turns out to be not Homer, we can still be safe and maybe have another strategy in attacking.

But if such is Homer, then you have to stay alert and don't underestimate him. Because it is possible that the enemy who is already famous for his skill, will definitely be directly hit by something that is very detrimental.

Tips for Counter Free Fire Homer Characters is to do a long range attack

Homer's Active Skill attack distance reaches 100m, so you have to be prepared to attack the enemy from afar at this rate. It is certain that Homer who does not manage to reach his Skill Distance, then it will certainly have an effect and make him unable to attack.

So we also have to remain vigilant with these attacks, so that you are not confused against this enemy. Because for Homer's character Counter, the most important thing is to avoid the distance from his Drone Skill attack.

If, for example, you did achieve an attack at a distance like this, it would have a huge impact, of course. If the drone disappears because it doesn't find the target, then we will definitely be safe from his skills.

Merciless Rush

For example, you can do a Rush when you know the enemy is Homer, so that it becomes easier of course. If you do the battle very well, we can make Homer completely powerless when it hits the counter.

Rush is indeed a pretty good choice, as long as you yourself can do it properly and correctly. Because doing a Rush will immediately go forward and attack, so you will immediately corner Homer using the Strongest Shotgun Weapon in Free Fire to make it easier.

Don't be afraid if, for example, Homer uses a skill, this effect will really be symbolized if you have been hit first. Let's hope we can go ahead and attack Homer, so that we can defeat him so quickly.

Don't Panic If You Get The Skill

Homer has a very strong Area of ​​Effect ability, so if you get hit by that skill you shouldn't panic and help play easier. When the drone hits our bodies, don't panic because we can still handle it like this.

Even my Esports has some Conditions if you get hit by this Attack, whether in the house or open area it's different to deal with it. For example, if you hit Homer's Skill because the drone entered the house, then try to escape or find a hiding place so that it doesn't get hit by the skill effect.

But for example you are in an open place, then use a Gloo Wall and who must be ready. As much as possible do Heal first, so that the damage that Drones or Homer's bullets give does not make you a burden when attacking.

Tips for Countering Homer Free Fire's Characters is to be able to use traps

Traps are also an excellent opportunity to overcome Homer, especially when you want to enter the House. Usually, Homer will target a target in a house, so you must have a Landmine.

Now this is really good if you want to lure Homer or other enemies, of course those who are hit by the explosion will definitely die immediately. As well as my own Esports experience, I've done that to enemies who use Homer Characters when they want to go home.

But if you are hit by a skill from that character, follow the previous point not to panic too much or make a lot of noise. This will keep you safe, and Homer also can't advance to the top because he has to heal because of the Landmine explosion.

Deactivate the Skill

You have to remember that this applies to those of you who use the A124 Buff Free Fire Character , because the skill will make the opponent's Skill inactive. Only applies to Active Skills that the enemy has, as well as when they are activating those Skills.

Later, if it's like you see a player carrying a drone, then prepare to throw the Skill from the A124 character. Because this way will make the Skill and also the Drone itself will immediately disappear without any news.

In Homer's unskilled position, then something like this was indeed a good opportunity. But if for example the skill has exploded and created an area, just try throwing the A124 skill it might cancel the skill.

Use Vehicle To Hit Homer

If this is indeed the most effective way, especially if you want to make an opponent like Homer lose quickly. Because the Homer drone itself will not affect the vehicle, even the damage will not destroy this vehicle when hit.

For example, you have got a vehicle and know Homer's position because of his skill, just hit it using the vehicle to win. Because even with unprepared conditions, Homer will definitely be easy for us to take down.

Free Fire Homer Character Counter Tips is to Attack While Walking

For example, you have seen Drones from Homer, so be prepared to attack them while walking because this is very powerful. No wonder to do battle later, it will become easier if we can do it.

This will help you to make Homer unable to attack easily, so we still have some resistance. Even though you are in the Skill's Area of ​​Effect, you have an opportunity that makes Aim even more balanced because of this effect.

It is certain that 8 Tips for Counter Character Homer Free Fire (FF), will indeed be something that really helps you play. Because even Homer is strong, he must have things that are very easy for us to use against him.

Even to know the Best Weapons for Homer Free Fire characters , it will definitely be something very good. For example, if you want to try Homer, then this is the most interesting thing that we can use well.

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