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Tigreal Mobile Legends, the Loyal Knight Protector of the Moniyan Empire

This time we will share information about the Tigreal Mobile Legends story that players rarely know. Tigreal is one of the most popular Tank heroes in the Mobile Legends game. This hero has many advantages that are not found in other heroes.

In addition to having a deadly crowd control skill, this hero also has very high durability. Tigreal is still a recommendation for you to use as a  Tank hero in this season, Tigreal has everything to lock in killing the opponent's hero.

So, want to know the full story? Here we have summarized information about the story of Tigreal in the Mobile Legends game. Instead of lingering, just look at the following information.

Before sharing the story of this hero, it's a good idea to first identify every skill found in Tigreal. This Mobile Legends hero has a deadly skill which is certainly very annoying during the war.

To master this new hero, of course, you must know and learn every skill contained in this hero. Here are Johnson's skills that you must master:

Passive Skill – Fearless:  Gain one stack of Blessing when using a  skill or receiving Basic ATK. Tigreal will become immune to the next Basic ATK after obtaining a total of four Blessing stacks.

Skill 1 – Attack Wave:  Tigreal hits the ground, dealing 270 Physical DMG with an additional 70% Total Physical ATK to all enemies in a fan-shaped area and slowing them down by 30% for 1.5 seconds.

Skill 2 – Sacred Hammer:  Tigreal charges in a designated direction and collides with an opponent,  dealing damage . 4 seconds after charging, Tigreal can use this skill again to release a second attack, dealing 280 Physical DMG and causing airborne to the opponent.

Ultimate Skill – Implosion:  Tigreal attracts surrounding enemies, then deals 270 Physical DMG and stuns them for 1.5 seconds.

Tigreal Mobile Legends story

Tigreal was born into a Writing noble family. Since the founding of the Moniyan Empire, the Weiting family has always provided Moniyan Empire with military talent and has protected the royal power and security of the Moniyan nation for generations. The Tigreal generation is not an exception.

His father, Gareth, was the kingdom's Minister of Defense and the emperor's right-hand man, while his uncle, Eckert, was the head of the border guard stationed in the most dangerous area between the southern part of the kingdom and the Land of Despair.

Even though thousands of years have passed since the shocking change that separated the kingdoms, rumors, and threats about the Abyss, demons, and sinister creatures have never faded.

Since childhood, Tigreal received military training systematically at Castle Atlas, learning various fighting techniques such as fighting, swordsmanship, and horse riding. The entire Tigreal family had high hopes for him. Hoping that one day he can continue his father's generation and become Moniyan's most loyal protector.

The Commander Who Exterminated Demons

At the age of sixteen, Tigreal joined the Imperial Army in complete loyalty, as well as joined the ranks of the Garrison Army. During his four-year tenure in the Garrison Army, Tigreal led his troops to all corners of Moniyan, which increased his commanding and commanding abilities, and the Knights of Light loved him very much.

Later, Tigreal joined the Knight of Light with his outstanding fighting talent and leadership. In the Moniyan Empire, only the most loyal and brave warriors who have undergone intensive training can be selected to become the Knights of Light. And Tigreal became the youngest member in their history.

He is the pride of his family and a genius in the eyes of the people of Moniyan. Everyone believed that he would become a hero in the history of Moniyan, like the martyrs of previous generations in the Corridor of Valor.

However, life did not go smoothly for Tigreal. In the Barren Lands, in the fight to exorcise the demons from the Abyss, who have ruled the area for a long time. Tigreal is the commander of the Second Division Regiment in an army consisting of the Knights of Light and the Imperial Border Guard.

He was stationed on the left side of the battlefield and launched an attack on the demon army. However, due to the command center's error, Tigreal's army went too deep and was surrounded by the opposing forces. After that, the command center ordered Tigreal's troops to leave a few soldiers behind and scatter to break through the encirclement.

The Leader With High Loyalty

At this time, Tigreal had vowed to live and die together with his army. But Roland's older and experienced deputy stopped Tigreal and told him to retreat towards the main army he was leading. Whereas he and a small number of soldiers would hold off the opponent. Based on the thought that he would save many soldiers, Tigreal led his soldiers to retreat.

After the battle, the demon army, which had long dwelt on the Moniyan Empire's southern border with the Barren Lands. But only Tigreal's army suffered heavy casualties, with the group holding back the opponent's attacks. Seeing the corpses and scattered blood, Tigreal deeply regretted the decision he made.

After this battle, in order to cover up their guilt, the Knights of Light elders refused to give the Second Regiment soldiers the honor they deserved, calling them “  disobedient traitors ” because they were greedy for rewards and this resulted in heavy casualties.

After that, they tried to use the medals and promotions as a way to seduce Tigreal into keeping quiet. Feeling the pressure from that failed struggle, as well as the pressure from his family, Tigreal left Moniyan and came to the cold Northern Vale.

The Leader of the Knight of Light

In a northern area full of ice and snow, Tigreal forged friendships with the Northern Vale tribe, and more importantly, by fighting by their side. Tigreal realized that as a knight, the life of a friend is more important than the outcome of the battle: because we choose to fight to protect those around us. If battle only means sacrifice, then victory is useless.

After that, Tigreal returned to Moniyan, returned to the Knight of Light, and became the leader of the Knight of Light. As time goes by, protect Moniyan with all her determination and courage. In folklore, as long as there are places where darkness can attack, there will always be a Warrior of Dawn who will lead everyone to expel the darkness.

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