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This is How to Gift Starlight to Friends in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest updates that are very exciting for you to use. Then know how to gift starlight to friends in Mobile Legends (ML), so those who want to try it can try it right away. Because indeed giving a gift like that, will be something very full.

Moreover, there are still lots of updates in the Mobile Legends game, as well as interesting missions that you can complete. There are lots of cool missions that you can actually complete if you follow every new mission and event like this right now.

Then the emergence of a Nerf Tank Jungle Mobile Legends, of course, will bring a more balanced game. For those of you who already know something like this, it's something that really feels like it. Because the meta is so disturbing, it will definitely be very useful in the future.

Then know how to gift starlight to friends in Mobile Legends (ML), so that later you can give features like this to friends. It might be a thank you or a gift that we really want to give, in order to strengthen your friendship in the game.

How to Gift Starlight to Friends in Mobile Legends (ML)

Enter the Mobile Legends Game

We have to enter the Mobile Legends game first if you want to Gift Starlight to Friends if you really want to use it. So, my advice from Esports is to make sure that when you do this, it should be at the beginning or the middle of the month so that it's even better.

Make sure you're friends for 7 days

This is the main requirement if you want to do it from the Shop, you have to be friends with game friends for 7 days first. Only after that, you can immediately continue the process and indeed we can immediately use it right now.

Change Shop to Give and Choose Items to Gift Starlight To Friends

Then you can immediately change the shop right now, so you can immediately see what items we can send. Now, you press the item to find Starlight whose price reaches 550 Diamonds which we can use to send to friends.

Give it a Diamond or Use a Starlight Replenishment Service

Apart from the current Shop, you can do it using Diamonds sent to a friend that we want to give. But you can go through the Aoshi Shop Mobile Legends service because you can Gift Starlight from there. But remember, we only do this to close friends.

Friends Just Check Ingame Mail Receive Gifts

If your friend has sent it, then ask them to check into the Ingame mail feature so they can receive the gift right now. Because after we receive it, the Starlight Feature will be used immediately if you don't have one.

Of course, with the presence of a method like this, it will make you become even closer friends. Giving Starlight to friends will allow them to experience this Feature if they have never had it at all.

Then there is also How to Get Starlight Mobile Legends, for free or paid easily. Of course, using Starlight like this will definitely give you a variety of new things that are really cool with even more benefits.

After you already know how to gift starlight to friends in Mobile Legends (ML), the process is really easy and the process is so fast. As long as you have Dm, then you can do it whenever you want to.

Moreover, seeing the many Starlight Mobile Legends Skin Orders, maybe see the appearance of this Skin first. After you already know this, you won't feel confused anymore and can immediately have the prize now.

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