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The presence of the Moco Store event in June 2022

The leak of the Moco Store FF June 2022 has now been circulating on the internet. This event, which regularly comes every two months, brings many attractive prizes for players. The presence of Moco Store event in June completes the Rampage: United event which was previously present at Free Fire.

In this discussion, we will give you a leak regarding the Moco Store Free Fire event in June 2022. Curious about the leak? Come on, let's see the full review below.

Event Moco Store Free Fire June 2022

Garena never loses its mind to keep bringing exciting events to Free Fire. After last June 15, 2022, they launched the Rampage: United event, recently they will again hold the Moco Store Free Fire event which will take place this month.

The Moco Store event was here in early June for the first part. Which, in Moco Store Part 1, Garena presents a cool Monster Truck skin. Launching from the daily spin which got a leak from the KulGar YouTube channel. Garena will present the Ace Gamer Bundle and Emote The Collapse at this Moco Store Part 2 event.

To get the two prizes, you need to do a Spin as usual. In the first Spin, you need 9 Diamonds. The Spin price will increase as the number of Spins you do increases.

If you're lucky, you can get the Ace Gamer Bundle or Emote The Collapse on the first spin. Of course, with the price of 9 Diamond only. However, if you are not lucky, you will definitely get the main prize on the sixth (last) Spin.

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