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5 Ways to Change the Free Fire Loading Screen

Free Fire is one of the most popular online games. Of course, lots of people play this game, and because of that, many Free Fire players are looking for tutorials on how to change the Free Fire loading screen. The reason why many want to change it is because they are bored with the default loading screen.

Playing online games is certainly a fun activity. In fact, many people play games to relieve boredom and become tired after working all day.

Here's How to Change the Free Fire Loading Screen

Are you curious about how to change the Free Fire loading screen? If so, let's see the full discussion below.

1. Download File Loading Screen FF

First, before you change the loading screen, you must have the file first. So how do you get the file? The method is quite easy, you can search for it on Google with the keyword download file loading screen FF .

Before you download the file, make sure first that the file you download does not have a virus so it is safe for your cellphone and Free Fire account later.

2. How to Change the FF Loading Screen

Furthermore, after you get the FF loading screen file, you can immediately change it. So how do you change the loading screen for FF? If so, you can follow the steps below:

First you open the PixelLab application and click image size , then set the size to 1280×640.

Then click the + icon, select from gallery and select the photo or image you want to use as the loading screen.

After resizing and editing a few things, you can save the photo.

Then open the ZArchiver app, then open the PixelLab folder.

Continue to change the image file to -1335473056, then copy.

Then open the Android folder > Data > com.dts.freefireth > Files > ImageCache > 1.60 > paste the -1335473056 file into the 1.60 folder.

When you get a notification about overwriting files, you can simply click the Run All Files button, and click the Replace button to install the FF loading screen.

3. Is Changing the FF Loading Screen Safe?

Finally,, is changing the FF loading screen safe? According to the information we have received so far, we have not found any cases of accounts being blocked due to changing the loading screen of Free Fire.

So we can make sure that changing the loading screen is safe, even if Garena says that it doesn't issue special rules or prohibits it from changing the loading screen of Free Fire. But if you're afraid, it's best if you don't do weird things like changing the loading screen.

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