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Starlight Tigreal's Skin Color Changed, This Is The Reason

The starlight skin color from Tigreal has officially changed. This of course made a lot of players surprised. The reason is, the starlight skin from Tigreal was just released in June 2022. This sudden change happened for a reason.

The startlight skin of Tigreal was originally green, but for some reason, Moonton finally decided to change the color to blue. What actually caused Moonton to change the color of the starlight skin from Tigreal?

The Reason the Starlight Tigreal Skin Color Changed

Moonton himself, notified players directly about the color changes that occurred in Tigreal's starlight skin. The reason for this decision is that Moonton has received comments and suggestions regarding the model and color of the special effects. Because of that, in the end Moonton made a few changes to Tigreal's starlight skin.

In addition to changing the color from green to blue. Moonton also made changes to the width of the skin model to make the skin more in line with the hero settings. Regarding the changes given by Moonton regarding the starlight skin from Tigreal, you can see the video below.

In the video it is clear that the color changes are not only in terms of the appearance of the skin, but also for the animation effect. Where at first the animation effect of the Tigreal skill was green, now everything has completely changed to blue.

Most likely, because the green animation effect disturbs the vision of Tigreal users while playing. Substitution of the blue effect, makes players more comfortable because the color is more contrasting.

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