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Kingfisher Free Fire's Advantages and Disadvantages 2022

Free Fire has released a lot of the latest really cool updates for us to try. Then find out the 8 Advantages and Disadvantages of Kingfisher Free Fire (FF) weapons, this will make you stronger. Even knowing the ability of the weapon is important, so that we know the full ability of the weapon.

Moreover, for this weapon called Kingfisher, it is a fairly strong Assault Rifle Type. And in any fierce battle, the Kingfisher weapon itself is quite strong and not easily defeated like we can use it properly.

That's why Tips for Using Kingfisher Free Fire Weapons are important so that it's not too difficult for you to master them. Because with high total damage and the power is also very large, it will make it less difficult for you to compete.

Moreover, knowing the 8 Advantages and Disadvantages of Kingfisher Free Fire (FF) weapons will make us know these weapons better. Because of the advantages that we can take advantage of, then the disadvantages can be Neutral or can avoid.

Pros and Cons of Kingfisher Free Fire (FF) Weapons

Lightweight Weapons (Advantages)

In this first part, we explain that the Kingfisher Weapon is very light and comfortable for us to carry while running though. Even if you find an enemy suddenly, then you can do an attack to give damage and replace the second weapon to give it extra.

If in the point it turns out that the Kingfisher has a total of up to 89 for Movement Speed ​​when you use it. That's why this weapon is quite comfortable and light, so it won't be too difficult for us to use it and to be a weapon just in case.

Even so, you have to be careful when using Kingfisher Weapons. I suggest not always using Esports when running, because we also need other weapons to guard against a deadly melee attack.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Kingfisher Free Fire Weapons are Easy to Find (Advantages)

As an Assault Rifle weapon, it turns out that the Kingfisher itself is quite easy to find when competing. That's why many use this weapon in the second slot, so to protect players from enemies who try ranged attacks.

It won't be too difficult for us to find, so Kingfisher does have advantages in that section. Then usually if you manage to find a Kingfisher Weapon, then there is a very large profound power for players to use in matches.

Even my Esports experience when using the Weapon, it turns out to be equipped with a few additional things. Don't have to look for it again, but it's already close to the Kingfisher so we just take it even though this rarely happens.

Has the Highest Rate of Fire (Excess)

Because this is still an Assault Rifle weapon, it turns out that Kingfisher has a very high Rate of Fire for you to use in matches. So that it will make players who shoot later will definitely be easier, and not for long like other weapons.

But remember Highest doesn't mean first rank, in its kind XM8 is still a great Assault Rifle Rate of Fire. From what Esports I saw for myself, it turns out that the Kingfisher ranks second as a weapon with a Rate of Fire like this.

The players don't need to be confused anymore by this situation, because everything has appeared well. That's why Kingfisher is quite tasty, then Interesting Facts about Kingfisher Free Fire Weapons so we get to know him better.

Deals Burst Damage (Excess)

This Kingfisher weapon has the advantage of giving the damage you give, it turns out that Burst Damage or a full attack immediately hurts. It is certain that the enemy who is hit by the attack will immediately leak blood, even if they are not prepared they will die immediately.

It becomes something that is quite a show of Kingfisher's strength because it has good abilities from here on. So that later you will become stronger, and easier to execute enemies without having to approach them.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Kingfisher Free Fire Weapons are Not Suitable for Long and Close Range (Disadvantages)

You have to know that this Kingfisher Weapon is not very good at Long or Close Range, there are even several reasons why it can't be like that. For example, if you use Middle or Middle Range, then there is still good potential so that we can later do high damage.

After trying Esports, it turns out that there are several reasons that it doesn't match long or close. If for a long attack distance, it turns out that the bullets from this weapon will not give high or very reduced damage.

But if you are at close range, you will not be able to easily control the weapon to attack the enemy. But if you already know the medium distance or more and a little less, it will indeed provide a good opportunity for that.

Have Few Bullets (Disadvantages)

Then if what I saw in Esports, it turns out that this Kingfisher is an Assault Weapon with very few bullets. Of course, of the many Assault Rifle weapons, it turns out that currently Kingfisher only has 22 Bullets when you use the weapon.

Not only that, it turns out that we can't find the Magazine on this weapon, aka it can't be installed. So it has stopped 22 bullets for the weapon, it is different from the Assault Rifle with a few bullets but still has additions from the Attachment.

Easy to Get Counter (Disadvantage)

Then another drawback is that this Kingfisher weapon is very easy to counter with enemies. Even my Esports experience using Kingfisher died immediately because of the various types of weapons. Surely with something like this it is quite clear that it is these shortcomings that you must be aware of.

Moreover, some things from Tips to Beat Kingfisher Free Fire Weapons, also affect the game so clearly. So those of you who use this weapon must be able to monitor the surrounding area and don't use it at close range then.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Kingfisher Free Fire Weapons are Easy to Find Weapons (Disadvantages)

My esports once fought enemies who used Kingfisher Weapons, it turned out that the drawback was that it was very easy to get caught by other players. Because this weapon does not get completeness on the Silencer, this shot will deal much higher damage.

But indeed the shortcomings that have given high damage, the enemy will also hear the sound of the weapon. It is certainly the ability of weapons like this, so we must remain careful so as not to make mistakes in the battle later.

After knowing the 8 Advantages and Disadvantages of Kingfisher Free Fire (FF) weapons, then study and prepare to avoid some of the drawbacks. Because indeed the Kingfisher Weapon also has its own potential, you must be able to use it well.

That is why there is a Kingfisher Free Fire Weapon User Character so that you will have no trouble making it even more deadly. This weapon has its own potential and we must pay close attention to it, so that the advantages become important points and we avoid the disadvantages.

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