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Paquito Mobile Legends, The Great Boxer of the Abyss Slayer

This time we will share information about the story of Paquito Mobile Legends that players rarely know. Paquito himself was inspired by a professional boxer from the Philippines named Manny Pacquiao. Because it's interesting for us to know the story of the hero Paquito in  Mobile Legends.

What makes this hero even more interesting, Paquito has a Special skin named Manny Pacquiao. Since his arrival, Paquito has always been a mainstay by Mobile Legends players, both ranked and tournament. It is inseparable from the abilities he has.

So, want to know the full story? Here we have summarized information about the story of Paquito in the Mobile Legends game. Instead of lingering, just look at the following information.

The Story of Paquito Mobile Legends

Skill Paquito Mobile Legends

Before sharing the story of this hero, it's a good idea to first identify each of the skills contained in Paquito. This new Hero Fighter Mobile legend has deadly skills such as Champ Stance, Parry, Jab, and Annihilation Strike.

Champ Stance (Skill Pasif)

Paquito Gets a stack when dealing damage to an opponent with a basic attack or using his skills. After this stack reaches 4 he enters the Champ Stance: increases Paquito's next skill and resets the cooldown time.

Paquito will be stronger with his technique and have a higher attack speed. But each basic attack only adds +80% total physical attack

Parry (Skill 1)

Parry is a Buff Skill, when this skill is active Paquito will parry and move quickly in the direction you specify. This skill has a duration of 2 seconds, as long as Paquito's active skill will receive 30% Damage Resistance and 45% Movement Speed.

Then Paquito will hit hard dealing 245(+70% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage to the target. In Champ Stance Mode, Paquito will get a 60% Damage Reduction and his Movement Speed ​​will also increase to 60%.

The damage dealt when he hits with this skill becomes 350 (+100% Total Physical Attack) to the target hit by the skill.

Jab (Skill 2)

Paquito runs forward and does a jab dealing 300 + 120% total physical attack to all opponents in the area of ​​effect. When entering Champ Stance Mode, Paquito's attacks will be amplified to 510 (+ 204% Total Physical Attack) in the form of Physical Damage to enemy hero units, for the record Paquito will not receive an expansion of his attack area.

Annihilation Strike (Ultimate Skill)

Paquito Issues Elbow strikes to all enemies in front of him dealing 125 + 105% total physical attack. And bought them to their destination. He then swung the haymaker very quickly.

This skill deals 400 + 100% total physical attack and slows the target by 75% for 1 second and moves backward.

In Champ Stance Mode Paquito will take 600(+150% Total Physical Attack) additional damage on his second attack and change the Slow Effect to Airbone Effect on the target.

The Story of Paquito Mobile Legends

The Abyss grew in the power of evil, causing the Land of Dawn to once again fall into a great war. It was a tremendous catastrophe that spread suffering throughout the Land of Dawn. Including the southern border of the Moniyan Empire.

The threat and evil of the Abyss plunged this place into ruins and has now turned it into a barren wilderness. The Empire had long since stopped even trying to reclaim this land. The number of people who go to the heart of Moniyan is growing day by day.

Those who do not want to leave their homeland stay and try to make ends meet. However, they failed to unite and put up a fight against the invading Abyss. Meanwhile, the Abyss used violence to control the land resources of the Moniyan Empire.

Just like the Land of Despair, this frontier had fallen into ruin where no glimmer of hope could be found. Until that day comes, a man with a scar on his back and an iron fist wanders the land to wash away the injustice and cruelty that has dominated.

The long-lost warmth returned to people's hearts as evil forces one after another fell before him. No one knows where this man came from. So, the people he saved would only refer to him as the 'Heavenly Fist'. His name is Paquito.

The Beginning of Paquito's Journey

Paquito was born in a small village southwest of Moniyan. To survive and prosper in a land far from the royal capital, Paquito must be strong. So he had only one dream since he was little, which was to become the strongest fighter in the world. Paquito softens his mind, body, and soul in every possible way in his search for that power.

a man passes by his village, witnessing Paquito's extraordinary efforts in his training. Therefore, he decided to stay and train Paquito and take him as a disciple.

As months passed, Paquito's abilities continued to improve significantly. Before the man leaves, he tells Paquito that the pinnacle, the true essence of combat does not lie in destruction. It's not about attacking.

Paquito continued to refine his technique relentlessly over the years after his coach's departure. But Paquito was still struggling to realize the essence his master spoke of.

It made something strange in the depths of his heart. So he also decided to leave his village to be determined to become the strongest in the world. Paquito started looking for a strong opponent during his road trip.

As Paquito passes through the Lantis Mountains, he finds a land plagued by evil and injustice. Therefore he decided to go there and fight for justice and eradicate evil. For his bravery, Paquito is known as the 'Heavenly Fist'.

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