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Once Combo Lost! These are 5 Tips for Using Eudora in Mobile Legends

One of the Mage heroes who have great abilities is Eudora. This hero has a very large Burst Damage so that he can finish off his opponents with just one combo.

But even so, not a few players are not aware of the abilities of this Mage hero. Well, for those of you who want to learn to use Eudora, here are our ranking tips for using Eudora in Mobile Legends to make it even better.

Tips for Using Eudora Mobile Legends

1. Understand all Eudora's Skills

The first tip you should know to learn to use Eudora is to know all the skills it has. The following is an explanation of the Eudora Mobile Legends skill:

Superconductor (Passive Skill): Eudora's skill grants the Superconductor to the target for 3 seconds. Additional effects will be given when Eudora uses her Skill on a target affected by Superconductor.

Forked Lightning (Skill 1): Eudora unleashes Fork Lightning which deals Magic Damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area in front of him. Enemies affected by Superconductor will receive additional Magic Damage after a short period of time.

Ball Lightning (Skill 2): ​​Eudora throws a ball of lightning towards the target, dealing Magic Damage and Stun effect for a while and reducing the opponent's Magic Defense. If the target has been hit by the Superconductor effect before being hit by the lightning ball, the lightning will split into small lightning balls which spread out and strike 3 nearby targets, dealing Magic Damage and Stun effect for a while.

Thunder's Wrath (Skill 3): Eudora summons a thunderstorm that deals Magic Damage to the target. If the opponent is hit by the previous Superconductor effect, then a dark cloud will form over the target's head. After a short delay, lightning will appear from the clouds and deal Magic Damage to enemies in the area of ​​effect. Meanwhile, the charged lightning will spread over the ground towards nearby targets and deal Magic Damage to them.

2. Take care of Positioning

As a Mage, of course, you need to maintain the right positioning so that it is not easily reached by the opponent's hero. Because one thing you should know, Eudora is a hero who has a thin HP, so it will be very easy to beat.

Especially now that there are many Eudora hero counters that can be used. But by keeping your attacking position, it will be easy for you to inflict damage on your opponent without fear of being touched by them.

3. Know the Right Skill Combination

Knowing the right skill combination is the next tip you should know when using Eudora. For the right skill combination for Eudora itself, it is as follows:

Ball Lightning (Skill 2) > Thunder's Wrath (Skill 3) > Forked Lightning (Skill 1).

4. Playing in the Bush

Eudora's Ball Lightning (Skill 2) skill is the key to his attack. Because you can surprise your opponent directly with Eudora's skill combination. Therefore, it is better to play in the bush or grass to surprise your opponent.

Because if you play openly, it will be difficult for Eudora to approach the opponent and use his skill combination.

5. Use the Right Eudora Build

The next tip for those of you who are learning to use Eudora is to use the right Eudora build . Because with the right build support, it will be easy for you to finish off your opponent.

Well, those are some tips for using Eudora that you can use in the game. Don't forget to share this article with your friends who don't know how to use Eudora!

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