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Must Bring! These are the 5 Best Pets to Push Rank in Free Fire

One of the unique features of Free Fire is the presence of Pets that can help in battle. So in addition to the strongest weapon, you can also bring the best Pet when doing push rank.

Now, for those of you who are confused about what best pet to bring when you are pushing rank in Free Fire, here we will discuss the best pet in Free Fire that you can bring when you are doing push rank.

Best Free FIre Pet Recommendation for Push Rank

If you don't have the following pets, you can top up the Free Fire diamond first. Because you can get the following pets only by exchanging a number of diamonds.

1. Falco

The best pet recommendation on Free Fire that you can take when you push rank is Falco. This one pet does have a skill that is very useful for you and your teammates.

Falco has a skill called Skyline Spree that allows you and your teammates to glide farther and faster when skydiving. Of course, this is very helpful because it allows you to get to the mainland faster than other players.

2. Mr. Waggor

Gloo Wall is a very important item in Free Fire. Well, one of the pets that can maximize the use of Gloo Wall in Free Fire is Mr. waggor.

Mr. Pets Waggor has a skill called Smooth Gloo that can create Gloo Walls when you don't have any Gloo Wall items. That way, you don't have to panic anymore looking for Gloo Wall when you're pressed by enemy attacks.

3. Rockie

The next best pet you can bring is Rockie. This pet is very suitable for those of you who use characters with active skills such as Chrono characters or Wukong characters.

Because Rockie himself has an ability called Stay Chill which can reduce the cooldown duration of the owner's active skill. Of course, this pet will be very useful in battle. Therefore, bringing Rockie during push rank is the right choice.

4. Beaston

Beaston is the next best pet that you can bring when you are doing push rank in Free Fire. Beaston has a skill called Helping Hand which makes the throwing distance from your Grenade or Gloo Wall further.

You can really rely on this pet when you want to rush an opponent who is stuck in Free Fire or protect an opponent who is knocked out at a distance far enough from your reach.

5. Detective Panda

One of the pets that the Rusher character must carry in Free Fire is Detective Panda. This pet has an ability called Panda's Blessing which allows you to get HP regen if you manage to eliminate your opponent.

This pet is perfect if you combine it with Rusher characters such as Jota's character who has almost the same abilities as Detective Panda's pet.

So, those are some of the best pets to push rank in Free Fire. Do you think there is a pet that you use often or not?

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