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Moonton Prepares New Mechanisms for Junglers in Mobile Legends

A new mechanism will soon be implemented by Moonton for junglers in Mobile Legends. This mechanism will greatly benefit the junglers. The reason is, that there is a feature that is very influential on the gameplay, especially for the jungler role.

The plan is that this mechanism will be implemented by Moonton starting with the latest update to the nearest Mobile Legends. So, what does this new jungler mechanism look like? If you are curious, you should check this article to the end, OK?

New Mechanism of Jungler Mobile Legends

Moonton continues to improve the shortcomings that occur in Mobile Legends. Most recently, they will reportedly improve the mechanics for the jungler role. Which, this mechanism will make it easier for junglers who are slow in jungling buffs.

The mechanism in question is, junglers who are slow in jungling will get more exp points. So, they will not lag too far from the opposing jungler who has the ability to jungler faster. This really helps junglers so they don't lose at the beginning of the game.

  • In more detail, the following is a new jungler mechanism that Moonton will implement in Mobile Legends:

When a jungler is 2 levels behind or below the opponent's jungler level, then in the first 5 minutes, the jungler will get additional EXP.

This mechanism is certainly a breath of fresh air for junglers who lack the ability to jungling fast. Moreover, usually at the beginning of the game, there are many obstacles, such as an unstable signal, a lagging cellphone, and so on.

This way, the game will be more exciting and interesting. Because in the first 5 minutes, junglers from both teams will not be seen so the difference is visible on the exp side. This update will make the position of the two teams in Mobile Legends equal, considering that the update provided is very beneficial for junglers whose level conditions are behind their opponents.

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