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List of Skin Hero Season 1 to 24 Mobile Legends

Skin Season Mobile Legends (ML) is a skin that is awaited by ML players every season change. This skin is given by Moonton for free for players of a certain rank.

Well, my esports will explain the list of season skins from season 1 to the latest ML 24 season skins Mobile Legends is one of the most active games to bring new skins every update.

Mobile legends season skins are skins that are presented exclusively every three months. Which skin this time is a skin that is presented for free for Mobile Legends players.

Every three months or at the end of every season, of course, Moonton will give you all cool free skins. Which row of skins has unique characteristics from other skins. But what is certain is that you can get this Mobile Legends season skin for free.

On this occasion, we will give the order of Season Mobile Legends skins. Starting from the first season of skin to the latest season's skin, we will review it below. So what are the season skins in Mobile Legends?

This is the List of Seasonal Skins / Seasonal Skins for Mobile Legends (ML):

Nana – Graveyard Party (Skin Season 1 Mobile Legends)

The first Season ML skin that was released was the hero Nana. This Season Skin has the appearance of a very tiny bat queen. Nana transformed into one of the daughters of a Dracula in Mobile Legends.

Nana herself is a support mage hero who is very actively played at this time. His unique ability and ability to turn opponents into puppets make Nana's ML season skin the most feared by heroes on the front lines.

Alucard – Fiery Inferno (Skin Season 2 Mobile Legends)

In season 2, there is Alucard's seasonal skin called Fiery Inferno. Having the characteristics of a handsome man combined with the element of fire makes this Alucard Season Skin look very cool.

Many want to get this skin, especially you Alucard users. But the good news is, that you can get this skin by exchanging 250 premium fragments.

Alucard is a hybrid assassin fighter hero who is still actively playing. Very aggressive playing ability. With the presence of the mobile legends 2 season skin for Alucard's hero, this will make Alucard's play even tougher.

Fanny –  Punk Princess (Skin Season 3 Mobile Legends)

Next is the season mobile legends skin for Fanny's hero named Punk Princess. Has the appearance of a street person who is very trendy and slang. Skin Season for this fanny hero completely changes the fanny's appearance which was previously quite feminine. By using this skin, you will be like a street child who will ambush opponents in the Land of Dawn.

Fanny is a hero assassin who is currently quite actively played. This hero is arguably the most difficult hero to play. Having a very unique ability and being able to do various things is one of Fanny's strengths.

Minotaur – Orbiter (Skin Season 4 ML)

Mobile legends season 4 skin is given to the Minotaur hero who is the only hybrid tank support hero in Mobile Legends. Minotaur itself is a hero who is currently quite rarely played. Although, his healing abilities and defensive abilities are very good in Mobile Legends.

The Season Minotaur skin with the name skin season mobile legends Orbital has a very cool appearance. With a combination of golden colors and blue light all over his body, this hero looks very cool.

Hilda – Flower of The Wastes (Skin Season ML 5)

Next is the Season ML Skin for Hilda's hero with the name Flower of The Wastes. This is the 5th Season Skin that was released in Mobile Legends, this skin looks very sturdy and manly. Well, even though Hilda is a woman, her ability as a fighter tank is very strong and even has other advantages such as movement speed, damage, and very strong resistance.

Hilda herself is one of the current meta heroes and has a very strong shield ability. This hero tank fighter will be very difficult to beat by the opponent. Hilda is often used as a pure tank as well as a good offlaner in Mobile legends.

Alpha – Sea Gladiator (Skin Season 6 Mobile Legends)

Next, there is a seasonal skin for the Alpha hero named Sea Gladiator. Having a very cool appearance, this season's Skin turns the Alpha hero into a sea knight. Using this season's skin makes Alpha even cooler to use.

You can now get the season mobile legends Alpha Sea Gladiator skin at the Premium Shop. to get it you can use the 250 Fragment Shop in Mobile Legends.

Alpha itself is one of the fighter heroes which is unfortunately not so meta in Mobile Legends at the moment. Even so, Alpha gets some buffs in the latest update and hopefully, with the presence of this season's ML hero skin, it can be played even more.

Moskov – Yasha (Skin Season 7)

Is the author's favorite skin when playing Moskov in Mobile Legends. Has a look like Orochimaru with his curse. This skin is the coolest skin that Moskov has after his Epic skin. You can get Moskov Yasha itself with 250 premium fragments at the Shop in Mobile Legends.

Although it is not a meta hero, players who use the Moskov hero are quite stable. Not so quiet and also quite often seen in Mobile Legends ranked matches. Now as a free skin, of course, this Moskov Yasha season skin will make your hero look cool when used.

Estes – White Crane (Skin Season 8)

Next, there is the season 8 skin given to the hero Estes. Has the name White Crane. Estes's skin this time is arguably better than her Epic skin. Estes Skin season 8 has a look like the character displayed in Donghua. Having a very unique distinctive outfit makes Estes even more handsome in Mobile Legends.

But unfortunately, Estes is the most rarely used hero in Mobile Legends at this time. This hero is included in the immortal non-meta hero and is very rarely played by Mobile Legends players. Because Estes has an easy ability to counter opponents in Mobile Legends.

Franco – Locomotive (Skin Season 9 Mobile Legends)

For skin season 9 there is a skin for Franco's hero with the name Locomotive in Mobile Legends. This skin has the appearance of a gladiator cyborg. This skin is considered to be one of the coolest skins that Franco has in Mobile Legends.

Franco is quite actively used in the latest meta season at this time. Has a very unique ability that can lock the opponent very well. Franco is a hero who is able to counter all heroes in Mobile Legends. His hook ability is very lethal but difficult to control.

Tigreal – Wyrmslayer (Skin Season 10 )

Next there is a skin for the tigreal hero named Wyrmslayer. This starlight skin looks very cool with a theme like a warrior. Tigreal transformed into a valiant figure and quite feared in Mobile Legends.

With Wyrmslayer Tigreal looks tougher with a very cool style. He looks like a valiant character with big muscles all over his body. This ML Tigreal season skin has become one of the author's favorite skins.

Tigreal itself is one of the tank heroes who had been on hiatus. Which one of these heroes will get a revamp back in Mobile Legends. The one who used to use a sword. Later Tigreal will use a weapon like a big hammer.

Bane – Warlord (Skin Season 11)

Next, there is a seasoned skin for Bane's hero named Warlord. Has a theme of a reliable pirate. Bane looks really cool with this season's skin. With this season 11 skin, Bane has become one of the pirate captains in Mobile Legends. Combined with the red color and hands with characteristics like the original Pirates, this skin is quite cool.

Bane is a hero who may be one of the heroes who never entered the Mobile Legends meta. Which one unrated hero must get his buff back. Even so, the author prefers the old Bane, whose ultimate ability can summon a ghost ship in Mobile Legends.

Vexana – Imprisoner (Skin Season 12)

Vexana's Season ML hero skin with the name Imprisoner. This skin was released in season 12 with a quite unique appearance. Yes, usually Vexan has very scary skin, but it's different from this season's skin which is more unique than scary. Named Imprisioner Skin, this one shows Vexana with a younger and fitter appearance.

Vexana itself is one of the heroes that is quite scary. But unfortunately, this one hero was never included in the meta hero in Mobile Legends. Even so, Vexana has very good crowd control abilities, especially to counter some of the agile heroes in Mobile Legends such as Fanny and even Johnson's hero.

Hylos – Jungle Watcher (Skin Season 13 Mobile Legends)

Next is the mobile legends season skin for a tank hero named Hylos. Having a design that looks like a man and a half-horse who is dashing and combined with an all-green look makes this latest skin look very cool.

Hylos himself is a pretty good hero with a role as a tank hero. Having the ability to give buffs when a team fight is one of Hylos' strengths.

Not only that, Hylos himself is a tank hero who has a very high HP. This hero has a pretty good disable skill and is able to stop the opponent's movement. Using this latest skin makes Hylos even cooler when played in Mobile Legends.

Pharsa – Enchanting Witch (skin season ML 14 )

Next is the season mobile legends skin for Pharsa who is a hero mage in Mobile Legends. This hero look like a very beautiful black magician. Pharsa turned into a very beautiful person.

Skin season mobile legends Have a look like in general. This Enchanting Witch skin gives a very elegant impression, with an all-black witch dress, white hair, and a fairly large hat, showing Pharsa to be a very beautiful person.

Pharsa is a hero mage who is currently quite widely played. This one hero is included in the ranks of meta heroes in Mobile Legends. Having AoE capabilities or large area attacks, Pharsa is a tire subscription to a pick subscription in Mobile Legends. Not only that, Pharsa is also an excellent support hero choice and is often played in tournaments such as MPL ID and MPL Indonesia.

Clint – Witch Hunter (Skin Season 15 Mobile Legends)

Next for the season, 15 skin is given to the hero Clint who is a marksman hero in Mobile Legends. Clint himself is, unfortunately, an underrated hero and is rarely used, especially in the currently ranked game. Despite getting his new skin in Season 15. But Clint is not included in the meta hero. Meta in Season 15 is dominated by Bruno and Granger.

Even so, you can see Clint's hero with a very good display. This skin has an appearance with a purple base color that has a role as a witch hunter, of course, making skin one designed with anti-magic.

Skin season mobile legends Clint uses a hat like a magician. Complete weapons and purple leotards. But unfortunately, this skin does not show Clint's good looks in Mobile Legends.

Eudora – Countess Scarlet (Skin Season 16 Mobile Legends)

The latest there is the ML season skin for the hero Eudora. It's a pretty cool season skin. Which skin this time is no less cool than the epic skin owned by Eudora. Not only that, you could say this latest skin is the best skin for Eudora.

Has a very dashing appearance with the appearance of a lighting controller. Wearing clothes that are quite tight and all black. Eudora looks like a noble in Mobile Legends.

Not only that, there are additional excellent mobile legends season skin animations and cool skill effects. The electricity worn by Eudora turned into a very cool pink color. This skin is one of the best skins that Eudora currently has.

Cyclops – Zombie Bambino (Skin Season 17 Mobile Legends)

The newest and currently anticipated presence is the Skin Season Mobile Legends Cyclops named Zombie Bambino. This is the latest skin that has the appearance of being a very cute vampire. Zombie Bambino gives the impression of being cute, cute, and very tiny.

Sure enough. skin season mobile legends Being a very tiny zombie makes Cyclops look very cute. Has a light green color design with a red hat and is complete with accessories on his forehead with a patch like a vampire in China.

Cyclops makes this skin look cool in Mobile Legends. However, at the time this article was written, this latest ML season skin has not been released. However, it has been confirmed that Cyclops will be the skin for season 17 in ML.

Rafaela – Star Chaser (Skin Season 18 Mobile Legends)

This mobile legends pharsa skin got its newest skin in season 18. You can get the skin if you get a high rank.

So make sure that in season 18 you get the newest mobile legends season skin.

Note: Some of the Seasonal skins above that you have missed can be obtained by exchanging Premium Fragments in the Shop.

However, for the new ML season skin, you have to wait for the skin to be available in the Shop to buy it, if you don't currently have it.

Akai – Street Enforcer (Skin Season 19 Mobile Legends)

In Season 19, you have one of the skins for the Tanker hero, Akai in Mobile Legends. Hero Akai gets a Seasonal Season 19 skin called Street Enfoncer. You can get this skin on March 20, 2021.

Akai Enfoncer's skin has a very cool appearance, Akai has become one of the street thugs that you often meet in Japan, this skin is almost the same as Ling's skin and also Fanny's hero which has a theme like a Punk kid.

Kaja – Crown Magician (Skin Season 20 Mobile Legends)

Next in Season 20, you will get the Kaja Crown Magician hero skin, you can get this skin for free by playing ranked up to a minimum of master rank.

Also make sure that in season 20 you have reached the master rank until later on June 20, 2021, you can get the Kaja Crown Magician skin for free in the Mobile Legends game.

Gord – New Baron (Skin Season 21 Mobile Legends)

Season 21 is indeed the time that most Mobile Legends players wait for, this is one of the latest updates related to new Skills seasons 21 Yes. Of course, for now, we already know that Gord – New Baron will have the latest Skin related to the current Season Rank 21 Prize for Mobile Legends.

Those of you who like and often use Gord, of course, should not miss this opportunity. Because Hero Gord will have a pretty elegant appearance, even changing himself which was originally like creatures and monsters now into humans. Gord will experience many changes from head to toe and even his equipment.

This Skin Effect change is like Gold, it can be seen from Gord's appearance, which of course is already elegant. According to Esporsku, this skin is unmatched by other skins from the Mobile Legends Season.

Even for his appearance, Gord has clothes and a high class in the game, so it's like the Tigreal Skin that had a special type in the past. This is a skin that you shouldn't ignore, you should be able to get it after its release in Season 21 later.

Terizla – Rustwreck (Skin Season 22 Mobile Legends)

It has become something official and in the end it turned out to be true if this Skin Season 22 turned out to be Terizla. New skins for new rewards from Rank Season now, of course, we might feel very strong again, when trying to get these Skins before the reset time starts in this game later.

So maybe those of you who like to use Hero Terizla will be more comfortable using Skin like this later. Even for appearance, it was full of strong armor and it was already rusty. Terizla proves his strength to fight even strong enemies in this Mobile Legends game.

The effect of each Terizla attack itself is quite interesting, turning everything into blood red. That's what makes this Skin ush Wreck look attractive. Unlike the previous Skin Season, Gord which has a Gold color, this Terizla gives more Rust to the opponent and the power of damage is so great.

Receive this gift immediately when it is entered in your Mobile Legends Ingame Mail. Don't miss it because gift messages like this, will only be available for a short time.

Masha – Spirited Gauntlet (Skin Season 23 Mobile Legends)

Hero Masha's strength will be even greater because her Seasonal Skin will appear at number 23. The name of this Masha Season 23 Skin is Spirited Gauntlet, you will be even cooler when you use this Skin in upcoming matches. Of course the Splash Art of this skin is very cool, showing that Masha is very strong.

Masha shows herself as a strong wrestler in the Ring, even having the appearance of very modern wrestling clothes and equipment. Capoeira style hair, then wearing clear green glasses which are very cool.

Of course, with a skin like this, Push Rank will definitely be a boost, because it's available for free for you later. Masha's gauntlet looks very hefty, it increases her immense strength which will make her invincible in the boxing ring. Looks classy, ​​even very strong for you to wear.

The shirt and pants section is more like sports clothes, it's not too bright but still cool. Masha has this skin effect which is very interesting, the green color will accompany Masha to make her look stronger in matches against enemies. Every scratch from his hand, even his hair would light up.

If you have reached Master Rank and above, then when you have Reset Rank, you can immediately look at the Ingame mail section right now. That way it is clear that we have managed to get this Masha Skin for free from Rank Season 23 of Mobile Legends.

Grock – Ancient Totem (Skin Season 24 Mobile Legends)

Is a Hero Tank who has a body like a very strong Stone, finally has a new Skin for Season 24 which is very cool. Even the appearance of this Grock Skin also shows its true form in dealing with enemies. Using a wooden mask, as well as ancient equipment from the interior tribes in the forest.

Even his body also has the appearance of a stone that has appeared as moss, even in the middle it looks very clear strength. The weapon that Grock uses does have a relationship with the Ancient Totem Pillar which is very cool, even making you guys stronger.

Grock's appearance as an Ancient Totem itself does have a characteristic with the Mask. Even the effect of Grock using this skin changes some of his very cool skills. The use of a wooden mask with pretty good skin will provide an impenetrable defense.

This skin also comes with a cool appearance, especially with a theme related to the Tribe. Because the Ancient Totem will protect an existing place, so you may be interested in using it in a match.

So that's all the list of all-season skins in Mobile Legends. Hopefully, the ML season skin review above can be useful, especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers.

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