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List of Prizes for Magic Explosion Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends has released many cool latest updates for you to try using now. Because for the presence of the Magic Explosion Mobile Legends (ML) Prize List, it is indeed a special event. So that you are also interested in facing the enemy, so we will also have a lot of things from here.

Events that appear in the Mobile Legends game sometimes appear together, that's why it's a good challenge for all of you. If you complete each of the latest Missions, you can immediately have a lot of cool prizes that have appeared in this game.

Then the emergence of several Julian Mobile Legends Hero Updates that are really broken, because they have enormous damage and power. Destroys meta in the face of enemies, so that the first to appear will be a pretty cool Hero.

Then you can try the Magic Explosion Mobile Legends (ML) Prize List directly, because there are indeed several advantages that we can find. As an event with the current mission, it will be able to provide attractive prizes for all of you.

Mobile Legends (ML) Magic Explosion Prize List

On June 10, 2022, we have a Magic Explosion Prize in Mobile Legends that has appeared now. Even with the presence of several new events like this, it turns out that it is indeed special for Magic Chess players because of the special prizes too.

The appearance of a Prize List in the Magic Explosion event, of course, makes you really get a lot of benefits. Because some of these prizes can affect the usual Mobile Legends, as well as some things related to Magic Chess later.

But you have to collect Bear Mask Token Mobile Legends first, so you can immediately have the existing prizes. So if you already know the prize, so we can exchange the main prize.

The following is a list of the Magic Explosion Rewards currently in the game:

  1. Magic Chess Cup Point Protection Card: 12 Token Mask Bear
  2. Little Commander Double EXP Card (3 Hari): 6 Token Mask Bear
  3. Sandfall Ruins (1 Hari): 3 Token Mask Bear
  4. Black 8 (5 Buah): 2 Token Mask Bear

Some of the gifts that are popping up right now, as looks so cool for you to wear. Of course, it is one of the coolest gifts, so you are really interested in being able to exchange gifts like this.

It is indeed quite useful when using gifts like this because we can immediately use them too. You can find out how to play Magic Chess in Mobile Legends, so you don't have trouble pushing rank in the game.

But don't worry because there are still many other new events that you have to play. There are still many cool prizes that you can use, as one of the prizes that may be in the form of Skins or other items as well.

After knowing the Magic Explosion Mobile Legends (ML) Prize List, there are indeed some really cool exchanges. So that those of you who have already completed this Mission, will appear in a short time like this now.

Then don't miss the Way to Get Transformers Pass Mobile Legends , so you have a variety of cool prizes for you to try. So that later when you already have the item, then you can Draw in the Draw event using the Transformers Theme.

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