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List of Counter Dyrroth Mobile Legends 2022

Counter Dyrroth Mobile Legends is currently being sought after because this one hero is so overpowered. Imagine, with such a thin HP, Dyrroth is able to fight tanky heroes with thick HP. Moreover, recently the meta hero tank in Mobile Legends has been played a lot.

So, indeed the right counter for tank heroes, for now, is Dyrroth. Hence, many players use the fighter hero because of his strong resistance.

Well, in this discussion, we will discuss heroes to counter Dyrroth in the latest Mobile Legends in 2022. Curious about the heroes? Come on, let's see the full review below, OK?

5 Counter Dyrroth Mobile Legends 2022

1. Johnson

The first hero that will be suitable for Dyrroth's counter is Johnson. This tank hero is famous for having great magic damage with his ultimate skill. Not only that, Johnson is one of the heroes with such a thick shield effect. His passive is able to make Johnson immune to enemy attacks.

What makes this hero more OP as a tank hero is, that the greater the defense it has, the greater the attack damage. Dyrroth will not move if hit by the ulti from Johnson.

2. Thamuz

The second hero that will be very easy to counter Dyrroth in Mobile Legends is Thamuz. This Hero Fighter is famous as one of the kings of exp lane. In the Land of Dawn itself, Thamuz is a teacher and foster father figure who has taught Dyrroth how to fight.

If Thamuz is by one with Dyrroth, it is certain that Thamuz will win easily. Thamuz has high regen and durability. If Thamuz's abilities are combined with lifestyle items, then Dyrroth will be nothing against Thamuz.

3. Silvanna

Still having a sibling relationship with Dyrroth, Silvanna is Dyrroth's real counter in Mobile Legends. This female fighter hero has such high attack damage from the start of the game. Thanks to skill 2, you can beat Dyrroth in the early game.

In addition, Silvanna has a unique passive that only appears when she meets Dyrroth. Silvanna's attack speed will increase by 5% when dealing with Dyrroth. Don't forget Silvanna's ultimate skill, which is able to confine the opponent's hero. Combined with his 1 and 2 skills, it is certain that Dyrroth can be killed in a short time.

4. Lunox

The beautiful hero mage, Lunox will be a worthy opponent to face Dyrroth's terrifying power. Despite having a beautiful face, make no mistake. The ability of Lunox is very suitable to counter Dyrroth in Mobile Legends. Dyrroth has an attack with great damage, but unfortunately, the pattern is still linear.

So, that way, Lunox, which is known to have very large burst damage, will very easily defeat Dyrroth. In addition, Lunox is also known to be quite agile to avoid opponent attacks. So, use this beautiful hero to fight Dyrroth.

5. Chou

The last hero that can be used as a mainstay for the Dyrroth counter in Mobile Legends is Chou. Chou is a hero with the type to lock only one hero. Even so, he has become a mainstay for kidnapping opposing heroes. However, you have to be precise in playing this skill from Chou in order to finish off Dyrroth quickly.

Try combining skill 1 to block Dyrroth, and use skill 2 if he wants to run away. Lastly, then you use Chou's ultimate skill to finish off Dyrroth. Point the ultimate skill into your tower, so that Dyrroth can be finished with your teammates.

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