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List of Best Action Emotes Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest updates which are very good for you to try. Even the presence of the 10 Best Action Emotes in Mobile Legends (ML), is indeed a pretty cool thing. So that you will also have one of them if it is already back for us to have.

As a good update that has appeared in Mobile Legends, don't miss the Action Emote that already exists now. Because from here it is classified as something cool, even you can immediately have a lot of cool missions for you to try to use.

Included as the Best Mobile Legends Battle Emote that already exists, so we can immediately use it as well. As a cool gift that we can use, it will give a special sensation when you use it when you are competing later.

Moreover, for the 10 Best Action Emotes in Mobile Legends (ML), it is indeed the right choice to be stylish when fighting enemies. The thing is, in an Action Emote movement like this, there might be something good or bad when we see it during a match.

10 Best Action Emote Mobile Legends (ML)

Franco – Belly Laugh

Remember how annoying Franco was when he kidnapped Buff or Kidnapped you and died? Well, Belly Laugh's Action Emote is indeed quite good. In fact, it is also quite annoying if the Action Emote is actually owned by him.

So this Belly Laugh will make Franco laugh, move his stomach, and also have a bad feeling for doing it. It is certain that Belly Laugh himself is indeed an Action Emote which is quite felt and will make you like that.

The Best Action Emote in Mobile Legends is Aldous – Landing Gear

An Action Emote that is present in the Mobile Legends x Transformers Collaboration, Landing Gear is only available on Aldous with Starscream Skin. This is a really cool Action Emote, it will definitely make you even cooler to do very interesting Attractions.

Because Aldous Landing Gear will turn Starscream into a plane, then fly but make the wrong landing. Esportsku can say that this is far from the funny part because it's rare to see the most serious Decepticon but act ridiculous.

Ling – Bring It On

A pretty cool Action Emote for Hero Ling, but it only appears in the M-World Event. Because indeed Ling Bring it On itself is quite good because it will provide sword movement and invite the enemy to do a Duel.

In fact, there is no fear at all with this Action Emote, so Ling is a strong character. This is a special Action Emote for M-World Skin only, if you use it on normal skin, we can't use it at all.

The Best Action Emote in Mobile Legends is Roger – Roar

This is also a Collaboration of Transformers Part 2, as an Action Emote Roar that is present in the Grimlock Skin. It looks really cool and really good, so you can also have really good moves and Styles for you to use when competing.

The Grimlock movement moves his body until the Dinosaur's head appears because it's his original transformed form. Then the Grimlock will exhale a very strong Breath of Fire so that the battle will also become stronger and better.

Chou – Get Over Here

The next Action Emote, which is very cool, turns out to be Chou Get Over Here who invites the enemy to make a fuss. Because the movement that Chou did was a warm-up using a kick, then Chou's hand movement was like challenging the enemy to come forward against him.

So it's really good if you become Chou Tiktok, for example, because you can Spam Recall with Action Emote like this. Enemies who are provoked may come forward to face us, but they must be able to play properly so that later the Action Emote can be used better.

Vale – Guffaw

Not much different from Franco Belly Laugh, because Vale with Action Emote Guffaw is like laughing at the Enemy. Because Vale's own ability is very painful, as well as a CC which is quite annoying when you are competing against enemies.

So when you use this Action Emote, laughing at the enemy will definitely become even more exciting. It's because we deserve to laugh because we can't get close at all, but Vale will also fall because he's too excited to laugh.

Layla – Time to Celebrate

Are you sure about victory using Hero Layla? then Action Emote Time to Celebrate is also very good for us to use. According to my own Esports, this is the best part, so celebrating a win will also be more exciting for sure.

Because Layla will do a small dance move, then Layla will also throw a weapon up because she is happy. Yes, it's already relaxing, it's also not using Action Emote like this, it will feel good when you use it in the game later.

Wanwan – Rising Idol

The presence of a Wanwan M-World Mobile Legends skin, along with a Bonus Action Emote called Rising Idol. The thing is, from the appearance of this Action Emote, it's pretty cool too and has the same theme as Wanwan when you use it later.

The problem is that Wanwan in that version is an Idol, and a lot of people have a crush on and like Wanwan's appearance. Even with Wanwan's short dance performance, this is the biggest highlight of Wanwan's cuteness because it's really cool.

Claude – Always Vigilant

This is an Action Emote that comes specifically about Collaboration with Hello Kitty, even my Esports has this cool Action Emote. It's very clear what he looks like, even for those of you who only have Claude Bad Boy Skin.

Movement between Badtz Maru and Claude, watching each side so as not to get attacked like playing a Video game. This is a very cool skin, so we will also have an alert appearance when using the Action Emote.

The Best Action Emote in Mobile Legends is Johnson – Come At Me

Another Best Action Emote in the Mobile Legends game brings up Johnson who uses Optimus Prime Skin as a Transformers collaboration. Because as a move you will see, it turns out that Optimus will lift his shield and issue a Hologram of the Autobots symbol.

Like showing all the remaining Autobots to come to the Land of Dawn, then protect the place to keep it safe from a Big Threat. Indeed, as an Action Emote this is very good because it shows something Hologram very clearly.

If you already know the 10 Best Action Emotes in Mobile Legends (ML), it does look very diverse in forms and movements that are quite cool from here. This is a very interesting choice of Action Emote because it can be seen from the movement and also the reason why it's pretty cool for you to use.

Moreover, the combination of Hero Mobile Legends, which matches the Action Emote, will be even cooler. The problem will be more fitting because all of them will definitely give you something cool depending on what the Action Emote itself looks like.

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