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Hero Auto Ban In MSC 2022 Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends has a lot of Meta suitable for matches that you can try. You can also find out about Hero auto bans in MSC 2022 Mobile Legends (ML), showing whatever abilities this hero has, it's impossible not to get banned during the MSC 2022 match. Therefore from here, it will become clearer, so that you are the one you should get.

Then there are still some new prizes in games like this, it will be even more exciting to play them. It sounds pretty cool, especially Mobile Legends players should also be able to have a variety of cool things that appear right now.

Then the presence of an  Event Shop Gift MSC Pass 2022 Mobile Legends, so we can have the latest prizes from here. There are so many prizes that we can indeed get, as long as collaboration missions like this must be completed easily too.

Next, we show Hero auto tires in MSC 2022 Mobile Legends (ML), indeed from the ability of this hero to have enough over power and is effective for current meta use. this possibility is a prediction of a hero who will be banned later at MSC 2022.

Hero auto ban in MSC 2022 Mobile Legends (ML)

As we all know MSC 2022 will be held shortly from June 11 to June 19, 2022. There will be many things that you public players may not know about, and at this tournament event, there may be other surprising things that will come later.

Some time ago in MPL for several countries, there were heroes who really had to be banned because of their overpowered abilities, but the change happened again when a new patch appeared in Mobile Legends at the Sea Games event in Vietnam a weeks ago changing all existing meta. The latest match that was present in the Grand Final of the Mobile Legends Cup realm between SIBOL and BTK presented some interesting bans. The following is a row that became auto-banned.


Valentina, with the ability to imitate the opponent's ultimate, is indeed annoying, why is it because the damage and abilities this hero has can interfere with the movement of his opponent.

Even though she got Nerf, Valentina became Top Banned for now both in the Ranked and in the Tournament


Next is Julian, this new Hero does have different abilities from other heroes because this hero does not have the ultimate but his passive can make each skill he has become Ultimate.

Julian is an overpowering hero for the current Mage/Fighter, especially when some make him a jungler where the damage from every skill this hero has is very large. It's also possible that this hero will become a banned subscription later.


Finally, there is Masha, this Hero who has 3 layers of HP is really annoying; how not with the 3 layers of HP, but the high attack speed ability also Masha can bait against the opponent and can also destroy the enemy tower quickly too.

Maybe with Masha's ability, it is possible that Masha will become the next Banned subscriber.

That's the explanation of the auto tire hero in MSC 2022 Mobile Legends, we'll just have to wait for the action of the pro players there and hopefully the team from Indonesia will win the championship to be brought back to Indonesia.

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