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Leaked MLBB Hero Collector Skin August 2022

After a while, we have leaked the July 2022 Collector Skin that belongs to Luo Yi. At the latest, there has been another leak regarding the MLBB Skin Collector for August 2022. According to the news circulating, this information is valid and true.

Of course, Mobile Legends players are very enthusiastic about the leaks regarding the Skin Collector that will be present in the next game. Want to know what the August Skin Collector looks like? Come on, let's see the full review below.

Skin Collector MLBB Agustus 2022

The heroes who will get the MLBB Skin Collector in August come from the fighter role. The hero is Sun the magic monkey. Yep, Sun is a hero who will get a Skin Collector for the month of August 2022.

Skin Collector from Sun has a very cool appearance and looks so scary. Having a dominant color between black and red, and the white color of his feathers makes Sun very worthy to be dubbed the real king of monkeys.

Later, this Skin Collector from Sun will have the name Wicked Flames. Basically, Sun's Skin Collector doesn't really change Sun's appearance. This is because Sun is a monkey. So, Moonton doesn't drastically change Sun's appearance as a monkey.

Even so, of course, as a Skin Collector, there will be special things that will be shown by Moonton when the release time arrives. For Sun users, if you want to buy this Skin Collector from Sun, you should start saving now to be able to get this Skin.

For the time being, there are no gameplay leaks from Skin Collector Sun yet. Later, if the leak is out, we will immediately provide the information to all of you.

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