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Leaked Diamond Door Free Fire 2022 Event

June 2022 has been a very busy month for Free Fire players. The reason is, this month there are a lot of events that are present. Most recently, Garena will present the Diamond Door Free Fire event which will greet players starting this June.

Well, in this discussion, we will discuss the leaked event for all of you. Curious about the leak? Come on, let's see the full review below.

Leaked Diamond Door FF June 2022

Event Rampage: United FF has been around since June 15, 2022. There are so many default events that Garena presents to enliven the Rampage: United event. After several events such as Luck Royale, and Top-Up Bonus, now Garena is back with a new event.

This new event is still closely related to the Rampage: United event. Yep, you can already guess that the event that will be coming soon to Free Fire is the Diamond Door event. In this event, there are several prizes that you can get with the theme of Rampage.

The main prize itself is a Ventos Rogue Bundle. Besides Bundle, there is also a Desert Eagle Hybrid Explosion Gun Skin that you can also have. The question now is how to participate in this Diamond Dorr FF event?

You don't need to be confused, here we have provided the details of the event:

  • To open 1 door, you need 1 Diamond and can get 1 prize.
  • Get 2 rewards by opening 2 doors at once which requires 40 Diamonds.
  • In the first 3 opportunities to open 2 doors, you will get a discount of 30 Diamonds.
  • If you get 10 doors at once, then you will get 50 Diamonds.
  • The prizes that you have received will be sent directly to the Vault.
  • You have a chance to win the grand prize the first time you spin.

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