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Johnson Mobile Legends, the Rugby Player Who Becomes a Hero

This time, we will share information about the Johnson Mobile Legends story that players rarely know. Johnson is a Mobile Legends hero who can transform himself into a car. Johnson Mobile Legends has an inspiring and ironic story.

Due to an event, must make Johnson leave his profession as a rugby athlete. Now Johnson has switched professions as the person who will save his city from robot or monster attacks. Now he joins the SABER Squad as a hero in his city.

So, want to know the full story? Here, we have summarized information about Johnson's story in the Mobile Legends game. Instead of lingering, just look at the following information.

Skill Johnson Mobile Legends

Before sharing the story of this hero, it's a good idea to first identify every skill found in Johnson. This Mobile Legends hero has a deadly skill which is certainly very annoying during the war.

To master this new hero, of course, you have to know and learn every skill contained in this hero. Here are Johnson's skills that you must master:

Passive Skill – Electro-airbag

When Johnson takes damage and HP is less than 30%, this hero creates a Shield that absorbs 300 Damage for 10 seconds with +700 total Physical DEF.

Skill 1 – Deadly Pincers

This attack is Crowd Control and AoE. In the early game, this skill has a cooldown of 9 seconds with a Magic Skill type that throws a Spanner at the opponent. This ability deals 150 points of Magic Damage plus 200% Total Physical DEF. This spanner generates electricity with a Stun effect of 0.8 seconds.

Skill 2 – Electromag Rays

This AoE skill that gives this Slow effect can produce 100 points of Magic Damage plus +40% Total Magic Power. This shield attacks at close range with the opponent causing a slow effect of 20% and can be used in conjunction with basic attacks.

Skill Ultimate – Rapid Touchdown

Active: Johnson jumps and transforms into a car, then walks that can transport teammate. This skill produces a Stun effect for several seconds at once with 300 to 525 Magic Damage with an additional 300-525 Total Magic Power. The magic damage is based on the speed of the car, by setting the Throttle to move, Brake to stop and Nitrous increasing speed.

Passive: Can permanently increase Physical Defense by 10%.

The Story of Johnson Mobile Legends

In his story, Johnson is a young man who dreams of becoming a professional rugby player. Various steep roads and expanse of problems are ready for him to face in order to reach his dream. Johnson started by studying various theories about the game of Rugby.

The theory he studied started from non-technical, such as Rugby sports rules, field size, and so on. In addition, Johnson also did not forget to learn technical theory, such as playing techniques, finding positions, and many others. The theory will not affect if it is not accompanied by practice.

To the extent that Johnson watched many Rugby matches broadcast on television and several times watched it live at the stadium. He believes that watching many Rugby matches can help him gain knowledge about playing techniques, strategies, and professional rules.

With his efforts and hard work all this time, Johnson finally made it into the professional Rugby team in his city. Johnson and his teammates made it through the early stages with an easy victory. Until finally they managed to advance to the final round. With his large body, Johnson easily knocks out his enemies. In the end, Johnson managed to grab his professional trophy as a Rugby player.

Success for the National Team

During the tournament, an athlete's national team coach in Johnson's country witnessed Johnson's skill and prowess in playing Rugby. Because he happened to be looking for great talent to be recruited into the national team, the coach asked Johnson to accept his invitation. Without thinking, Johnson immediately accepted the offer.

In the near future, there will be an international Rugby tournament, so Johnson must prepare himself as well as possible. Training and listening to the coach's directions have become Johnson's daily food. He wants to make his coach proud as well as make his country proud.

Until finally the day of the match arrived. Johnson managed to pass match after match in the early rounds with great ease and even scored a very crushing score for his opposing country. The final round will be a difficult match because the opponent already has extraordinary abilities.

However, no fear came over Johnson at all. With his stout body, he made it through many players and scored. Despite having a large body, Johnson has a unique technical ability when running, allowing him to cross enemies with ease.

As previously predicted, the match will not be easy. Johnson and his teammates were overwhelmed. When he heard the screams of a little girl, Johnson seemed to get a new spirit that allowed him to run with the power of a truck.

The match was over and Johnson won the championship title and made his country proud on the international stage. The dream that had been dreaming for a long time finally came true. Johnson became a professional rugby athlete and has millions of fans around the world.

The City Hero

However, luck is always changing. A little girl suddenly ran into the lane as Johnson drove his Sports car. To avoid hitting the little girl, he swerved and crashed his car hard. The heavy bleeding would quickly take his life.

At that moment, a miracle happened. The debris from the sports car began to join Johnson's body by a mysterious force. Because of that, he not only survived the accident but also became a magical new human who can transform into a sports car.

Thanks to his transformation, he can move from one place to another very quickly. Johnson also decided to join the Saber Squad in order to protect the residents of his city from attacks by monsters and evil robots. Johnson who was once a Rugby player is now turned into a city hero.

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