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How to Get the Rogue Free Fire Nebula Bundle 2022

The Nebula Rogue FF Bundle will soon be here to greet Free Fire players in an event entitled Gaming Dice. The presence of the Nebula Rogue Bundle is close to the presence of the Aqua Rogue Bundle which was already present earlier in Free Fire.

This bundle is also one of the four bundles presented by Garena in the Rampage: United FF event. Well, in this discussion, we will discuss how to get Bundle Nebula Rogue Free Fire. Curious how? Come on, let's see the full review below.

How to Get the Rogue FF Nebula Bundle

Talking about Bundles on Free Fire, Garena always doesn't run out of ideas to bring Bundles with a cool look. Latest, they will present a Bundle called Bundle Nebula Rogue which is a new Bundle for male characters.

The bundle is one of the bundles that have the theme Rampage: United FF. If you look closely, this Bundle has two of the most dominating colors, namely purple and black. The color combination makes this Nebula Rogue Bundle look really cool.

What makes this Bundle more interesting is the design, where on the crates of this bundle jacket there are feathers that make this Bundle even more charming when viewed. Of course, with such a cute appearance, Free Fire players want to have it.

You need to know, that the Nebula Rogue FF Bundle will be available on Free Fire in the Dice FF Gaming event which will start from 16 to 29 June 2022. Regarding the terms of the event, here are the full details:

  1. You will spin the dice to get redeem coins which can later be exchanged for Bundle Nebula Rogue and various other dancing prizes.
  2. 1x Spin the dice requires 19 Diamonds, or you can do 5x Spin the dice with 79 Diamonds.
  3. There is a 3x discount that you can use for single and multiple spins.
  4. The redeem coins that you get can be exchanged at the redeem shop and the coins that have been used can no longer be used again.
  5. Redeem coins are only valid or can be used in Gaming Dice FF events.
  6. goog_300961263All prizes will go directly to the Vault/Collection.

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