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How to Get the Green Edge Free Fire Katana Skin 2022

Free Fire has released a lot of the latest updates that are very exciting for you to try. Even the presence of a Way to Get a Green Edge Free Fire (FF) Katana Skin, is indeed quite new. You can also try to have it if you want, as one of the really cool skins.

Due to the appearance of each of these new updates, the event must also be one of the most important points for this. Shows the shape and skin of the very good Katana, so you can also try this right away without anything to miss at all.

Even the presence of a 5v5 Free Fire Bomb Squad Event Schedule will indeed provide many good prizes. Everything is special and we can have it right now because the new Missions of the game will continue to grow with the challenges that exist though.

Then try a Way to Get a Green Edge Free Fire (FF) Katana Skin, then you will have a skin like this. A very cool appearance for players to use, as a part of the Katana Skin which does look very attractive with the new theme too.

How to Get the Green Edge Free Fire (FF) Katana Skin

Enter the Free Fire Game

We must first enter the existing Free Fire game so that you are also ready to get a Green Edge Katana Skin like this. According to Esportsku, we can do that from 3 – 17 June 2022, which will come.

Choose Luck Royale and Green Royale

Then we can immediately select the feature called Luck Royale first, then immediately look for Green Royale after entering. Because the appearance of the Green Edge Katana Skin itself is for Katana Royale which has appeared in the game.

Do a Spin to Get a Green Edge Katana Skin

In this event, it turns out that the player has to do Spin 1 time 19 Dm and 5 times 39 Dm, and has the opportunity to give the main prize. But because the Green Edge Katana Skin is quite rare, because the Tier itself is a bit difficult from Spin.

Redeem 30 Red Tokens

If doing Spin doesn't need hockey at all, then just use the 30 Red Tokens that appear in this Royale. Once collected, you can immediately exchange the gift using the token that we got earlier.

Weaponry Feature Login Prize

If this main prize will go directly into the Weaponry Feature, as a new Katana Skin called Green Edge for us to use. Of course, by using it, you can make your character have great power.

The new update, which has appeared in the Free Fire game, turned out to be very cool and we should be able to try all of it soon. As an update that is quite different, it even immediately gives many good gifts for players later.

So that the opportunity to get Katana Green Edge Free Fire is easier, then you have to prepare a lot of Diamonds from now on. Then use a Free Fire Spin Hockey Tips, in order to make the player's chances of getting the main prize even bigger.

The appearance of How to Get a Green Edge Free Fire (FF) Katana Skin will create a good opportunity and you must use it well. You won't be confused anymore in using this Skin with this weapon, so the game will be even more exciting and really cool.

In fact, it will be included as the Best Free Fire Katana Skin, so that it can become a very cool new collection. We will no longer be confused by this, so we will also be interested in using this weapon skin in matches to slash enemies very easily.

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