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How to Get Flaring Bionica Bundle at Free Fire Events

Free Fire is well-known as a game that often releases lots of cool bundles for its players. Every month there must be a new Bundle that is present at various events. Recently, Garena presents the Flaring Bionica FF Bundle at the Diamond Royale Free Fire event.

Diamond Royale Free Fire is indeed famous as one of the events that very often releases new Bundles. This Flaring Bionica Bundle includes a new Bundle that Garena presents.

Well, in this discussion, we will discuss how to get this Flaring Bionica Bundle in the Diamond Royale event. Curious about the discussion? Come on, let's see the full review in this article.

How to Get Flaring Bionica FF Bundle

Bundle Flaring Bionica is a Bundle for female characters. For those of you who use female characters, you should try attaching this Bundle to your character. The appearance of this girl's Bundle is very cool with its various accessories.

Having the dominance of white, as well as a little animation effect, will surely make anyone fall in love and want to have it. The good news is that this Bundle will be available in the latest Diamond Royale on June 24, 2022.

As usual, in this Diamond Royale FF, you still need to use Diamond to spin. Or if you have a Diamond Royale Voucher, you can use the item to spin.

In addition to the main prize in the form of a Flaring Bionica FF Bundle, there are also interesting prizes that you can get. One of them is the Magic Cube which is a fairly rare item in the Free Fire game. This item is also very difficult for players to get.

Another gift that you shouldn't miss is an item in the form of a special Token that Garena presents. When you get the token, it would be nice to just keep it. Because you can use these Tokens to exchange them for other FF Bundles.

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