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How to Get Evo Bundle Mars Warclasher Free Fire

Evo Bundle Mars Warclasher FF is now a fairly hot conversation among Free Fire players. The reason is, that the Evo Bundle has just been present in one of the Rampage: United event series. As an Evo Bundle, this Bundle has many advantages over other FF Bundles.

The Mars Warclasher FF Bundle is the third Evo Bundle that Garena has officially introduced into the Free Fire game. Well, the Bundle is here starting June 25 in the Free Fire Token Tower event.

Well, in this discussion, we will discuss how to get the Mars Warclasher Free Fire (FF) Bundle. Curious to know how? Come on, let's see the full review below.


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How to Get Evo Bundle Mars Warclasher FreeFire

As we said earlier, the Evo Bundle is a special Bundle that has many advantages over other Free Fire Buddles. The advantage of the Evo Bundle is that it has several different colors in one Bundle. Later, the color of this Bundle will adjust the player's rank.

Well, this feature has the name Look Changer. Besides being able to change its color automatically according to the player's rank. You can change the color of this bundle at will while in the game.

The Look Changer feature itself is a new feature in the Free Fire game. And the Mars Warclasher FF Bundle is the only FF Bundle that currently has this Look Changer feature. Of course, with these advantages, you have nothing to lose if you can get it.

The Evo Bundle Mars Warclasher FF has been present since June 25, 2022, at the Token Tower FF event. To be able to get it, you need to collect 5 special tokens that can only be obtained through Spin.

For one Spin alone, you need 9 Diamonds. Meanwhile, if you want to do 5 spins at once, you have to spend 79 Diamonds. Don't worry, you won't really lose in participating in this event. The reason is, that every time you get a token, you will get attractive prizes.

One more thing, the prizes you get in this event can be exchanged for one free spin. The condition is, you need to exchange the 3 gifts that you get on the Vault menu.

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