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Get the Pink Wink Bundle at this Free Fire Event

After recently presenting the Evo Mars Clasher FF Bundle, now Garena is back with a new Bundle called Bundle Pink FF in the Wonder Wheel Free Fire event.

The Wonder Wheel event itself is a new one that is present for the first time in the Free Fire game. The arrival of this new event is certainly good news for Free Fire players. The reason is, that this June they experienced the Rampage: United event which has been going on since June 15, 2022.

Well, in this discussion, we will discuss how to get the Pink Wink Free Fire Bundle at the Wonder Wheel event. Curious how? Come on, let's see the full review below.


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Bundle Pink Wink FF

Before discussing how to get it, we will first review the appearance of the Pink Wink Bundle. As the name suggests, this Bundle has a pretty striking appearance with the dominance of pink in almost all of its costumes.

What's unique is that this Bundle is a Bundle for male characters. Even though it appears in pink, it doesn't reduce its cool and frightening appearance. The reason is, on both parts of the arms of this Bundle you can see the cool tattoos depicted.

To be able to get this Pink Wink FF Bundle, you need to take part in the Wonder Wheel Free Fire event. This event will start appearing at Free Fire on 27 June to 10 July 2022. Later, in this event you will get 3 discount coupons with different amounts.

You can use these 3 coupons to do Spin. In addition, you will also get a discount when using the coupon for Spin. The following are the details of the Wonder Wheel FF event:

There are 3 coupons that you will get at the beginning of the event.

Coupons can only be used during the specified period.

The first coupon, you can use for spin 1/2/3, the second coupon for spin 4/5/6, and the third coupon for spin 7/8.

Use is only valid once in each period.

If you do not use the coupon within the specified period, the coupon will be forfeited, and cannot be used again.

In the 5th and 8th spin rounds, you will definitely get an Energetic Emote and a Pink Wink FF Bundle.

The prizes you get will go directly to the Vault/Collection.

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