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How to Get Brassy Loot Crate for free Free Fire 2022

Free Fire has released lots of very cool latest updates for you to try. Then there is a way to get Brassy Loot Box Free Fire (FF), which is indeed very cool. So that we will also start playing this, and we will soon have it. As the newest and coolest gift, so you don't get confused by it.

Because there are still some new prizes that we can get, so that later you can participate in the events that have appeared. Even the emergence of events that have appeared now, surely players should start playing this game right now. Because everything that has appeared in the available events, will definitely be more exciting.

Including the presence of the Bomb Squad 5v5 Free Fire Event Schedule , it does look cool and very cool for that. Because there are still some cool Missions that we can have from here, as a very cool new reward for us to try to complete all of them too.

Even the appearance of How to Get Brassy Loot Box Free Fire (FF), will indeed make the Loot Box look really cool. Because the shape of this new skin also looks really cool, so you can immediately find out about it.

How to Get Brassy Loot Crate Free Fire (FF)

Enter the Free Fire Game

You can directly enter the Free Fire game now, so you can get the cool Brassy Loot Box. It will be a good gift for players, so that you follow it from 3-14 June 2022 to come.

Select the Event Tab and Cs Rank

Then then you can select the Event Tab that has appeared now, then we can immediately have the CS Rank section now. As a place that will explain a mission that we can indeed go through for the main prize.

Play CS Rank 8 Times to Get Brassy Loot Crate

Then we can immediately play 8 times in the CS Rank, so we can get the Brassy Loot Box like this. Because what Esports I have seen for myself, it can be seen that this is very clear and it is certainly easy to have a Brassy Loot Box like this.

Do it Solo or Mabar

Of course you can get this prize solo or mabar, because the process for winning and losing will also be counted. For example, if you really want to win, you can just hang out with your friends to make it easier.

Prizes Enter the Loot Box Feature in the Vault

Then those of you who have received this gift, just check into the Loot Box Feature that has been present in the Vault. Then we can use the Brassy Loot Box immediately and also directly show its position to the enemy.

Of course, with a cool grand prize like this, it will be something very easy and we can try it right now. It will look good when you try it yourself, and there is a chance to have cool prizes from events like that.

Even when you use an Emote Rampage United Free Fire , it will look cooler this way too. Because it will provide something very different, and this will be a challenge for the players as well later.

Then for How to Get Brassy Loot Box Free Fire (FF), you just have to follow all that and we can try it right away. As one of the many prizes, it will definitely make the events completed by the players even more exciting.

Because the emergence of an upcoming United Free Fire Rampage Event can also provide many things very well from here. All will appear with a pretty good appearance and sound so cool when we play it too.

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