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Hidden features of Mobile Legends items 2022

Mobile Legends  has released a lot of interesting updates that you can all try right away. Including the hidden features of Mobile Legends (ML) items, the presence of these features is a change that will be useful, of course. Of course, with these features later, it will definitely make the game more competitive.

Because apart from updating the development features, it turns out that we will also receive events with a variety of very cool missions. These missions will surely provide various new rewards, as well as something that we have to complete with our own challenges.

Then just like the presence   of the very cool Mobile Legends x Transformers Part 2 Collaboration , there are many good things that we can find from here. Everything is so special, will give something so crowded for the players if that's the case.

Then a hidden feature of Mobile Legends (ML) items appears, this will be something cool for you to try in the game. Because my own Esports sees that the new feature is very interesting for players to use during matches.

Hidden features of Mobile Legends (ML) items

This new feature is rarely used by players. This is indeed quite reasonable because this feature is indeed quite small and maybe many of you are not aware of it. This feature is on the purchase of items located on the left of "Purchase" with a logo like an arrow.

This feature serves to recommend items or want to create items that are used. This feature will function like a quick chat where it will broadcast about what items you will buy if they are already in your build set and recommend what items are needed by the team if they are not listed in the recommend items.

This feature is very helpful for the team and for you, of course, to be able to provide information about what items you need when competing.

As we know that in this Mobile Legends game, there are still quite a lot of players who don't know the function of the items they use. So with the wrong use of the item that the hero uses, the potential of the hero cannot come out all and its use is not optimal.

Items in Mobile Legends are also important in the match. Items are also a major factor to win a match in addition to the skill and mechanics of the hero used. The item functions to add attributes for the hero, both damage and defense, besides these two there are also additional effects such as slow, immune, regen and so on.

The more you come here, the more new features are quite interesting from the  mobile legends game , you have to know all of that. After knowing the features in the items in Mobile Legends, you will get new insights again into this game.

Besides that, you can also learn Tips for making items in Mobile Legends (ML) . By knowing this, it will be easier for you to make item builds and strengthen your heroes.

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